But we didn’t order any extras

I thought that Blaugust was going to be more straight forward this year but alas life throws whole bags of spanners into the mix once more.

cherry blossom lemonade
Cherry Blossom Lemonade

On the weekend we did a little shopping then headed to Wagamama as a treat, for those not familiar Wagamama is a British restaurant chain that serve Asian food based on Japanese cuisine.
Pictured is the cherry blossom lemonade I had that was bloody delicious.

We discovered on Monday that at some point during the weekend adventure, Munki (my other half), ended her 2 year 5 month streak of being COVID free.
We live in a small house so there isn’t any real  meaningful isolation that can happen, however Munki tried to keep away from the kids, I have only recently gotten over having COVID 4 weeks ago, thankfully it was while the family were away,  it meant I wasn’t too concerned about getting it again myself.

The problem is that our 16 month old Tiny Troll is of course still needing a lot of attention so I was picking up all those duties to let Munki stay out of close proximity, add into the mix doing my day job, a dash of gaming and mustering some blog posts  too, it’s been a juggling act to say the least.

Well today TinyTroll woke with a high temperature which after a test turned out to be positive too. He has only displayed the fever so we are hopeful that will be the extent of it.
Naturally Munki feels awful that he has caught it, but thankful that she is now able to help out with some baby related tasks since they are both in the same boat.

LittleTroll (our eldest) remains negative on tests and to be honest is making himself as useful as a 12 year old can.

So fingers crossed that everyone in the house starts to get better in the coming days and we can return to our usual family chaos instead of is COVID branded one.

Current Games Aug 2022

Discussing MMO/Multiplayer games that I’m currently enjoying.

After a long period without consistently playing MMO/Multiplayer games I currently find myself currently playing a number of games on regular rotation.

Diablo 3

Since picking up D3 (no thanks to GamersWithJobs podcast blessing me with the benefits of the Crusader) I’ve been quite firmly addicted to the Seasonal events.
Not the fastest at reaching level 70 nor fastest at completing the seasonal chapters, we tend to have a group of people that are happy to come together to chip away at the goals, grind some Gems and get our unlocks done.

I admire those people that can focus on building their paragon levels up into the multiple thousand levels, but that isn’t really something that I have any want, reason or time to do.

I hope that Blizz continue to play with the seasons, new mechanics, with some maybe transitioning into the standard game too like the Echoing Nightmares. At least until D4 arrives, then mothballed no doubt.

I am sad that the increased stash numbers change was never picked up again after the issues that were seen on console versions with the increased number, but I guess they didn’t want to only deploy it to the PC version. I would have made life much easier all around.

Elite Dangerous

I find playing ED exhilarating, there is so many different things to keep you engaged, the newest expansion giving us space legs has introduced a number of new and exciting activities. I have really enjoyed the exobiology feature that was introduced and although it can be frustrating is ultimately rewarding when you get the first discovery on a planet or system.

The on foot conflict zones are found in systems where there is a war, you pick a side to fight for as a mercenary, you then get transported to the battle zone. There are 3 tiers of zone, low, medium and high, these tiers directly influence the number of enemies and their AI/weapon handling.
it’s easy to under estimate them.

Of course there are still lots of non-foot related activities that ED still offers and they can be very enjoyable, taking out pirates, working on community goals (or working against them with Operation Wych Hunt), taking tourists on sightseeing adventures etc

I find that I burn out on Elite much faster than other games, not sure why this is the case but I play for a few weeks then park the game for a month. I at often keen to return but something deters me.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Munki and I played during beta and at launch, this was back before the Unlimited changes, so we were making our way through the level gated content towards Cold Harbour (the final zone).
We were also running some Alts to play with different groups of friends, so were seeing all 3 main storylines at once.

It’s safe to say that we played, non-stop until we had completed nearly all of the game, even focusing on PVP at times.
Sadly this meant that over the years since then I’ve gone into the new content but only superficially, maybe rolling up a new toon, running some of the main quests, but the energy fizzling out within a month.

However over the last 6 months I’ve really enjoyed slowly working back into ESO on a more regular basis, getting a couple of hours a day to devote to the task, I’ve been discovering some of the content that I missed or completed on a throw away toons.

There is so much that I have missed that I will talk about but I think I shall keep that for a separate blog post.

Just one more thing

Quick Mini-post.

It shows how rusty I am at this whole thing, I complete forgot to mention that if you are interested in taking part in Blaugust, it’s not to late! (it’s never too late.)

Everything is detailed over on Tales of the Aggronaut which outlines the basic rules and concept, plus a number of optional goals you can strive toward obtaining if that’s the sort of thing

Firstly There is a Sign Up Form you can fill in to stake your commitment to blogging during August, yes originally we aimed for 31 posts, 1 each day of August but now it’s clearly highlighted that achieving 31 posts however best suits you is the key, doubling up as needed.

If you have space left on your server list, there is a lovely discord filed to the brim with folks taking part and those willing to help new bloggers. See the first link for the discord details as I wouldn’t want to store outdated info in-case it changes.

Well what are you waiting for, come and have some fun.


Happy Blaugust

It’s the Summer *, days are longer, meat is cooking on barbeques, the Steam Sale has lightened our wallets and the air is filled with the sweet scent of creators weaving their content magic as they begin their Blaugust 2022 journey.

  • (Unless you are in the Southern hemisphere where it is winter)

If you aren’t familiar with the event, it can be many things, a celebration, a challenge, a chance for a new beginning and a good fun time.
Started by Belghast in 2014 Blaugust as a challenge to post something every day in August, the event continues to draw in new potential bloggers and stir up old and lax bloggers like myself.

I know that I mostly suck at actually sitting down and blogging but I really do love having this space available to me.
Back when I started it was how I connected to many different people before the rise of social media and real time messaging platforms. It was also a way my friends and I shared ideas and humorous things. We would publish posts, reviews and silly horrorscopes(sic) all uploaded via FTP.

This Blaugust my main goal is to refocus some of my energy from other activities into producing content for my blog, I easily put off typing up a post as I get easily distracted by a game or two, then it’s 7 days in and I’m way behind. I hope to draw on much of the last 2 years how my gaming habits have changed and how I see much around me changing too.

Why I love Blaugust

Part of it is that I love rediscovering bloggers like myself who want to climb back into the blogging saddle, having support, prompt lists, mentors and motivation can really re-enforce the goal of blogging and keep the passion of blogging lit.

However I equally enjoy finding new bloggers where someone is keen to step into the blogosphere ( is it still even called that now?), bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to the table and starting conversations.

Even when not participating directly in creating blog posts, it’s great to have new reading material, commenting on posts, sharing, liking & retweeting the work of those that are being creative.
The community is wonderful and watching the hashtag fill with posts is one of the best things, save that search and browse all that lovely Blaugust content.

So here is to my first post, I already have a few topics planned for this month, but aim to keep them in reserve as long as possible as I may need them towards the end.

7 out of 10 OS’s

I have been recently pondering when I rebuild my gaming PC if I should go for Windows 10, I have been happy with Windows 7 and so far haven’t really had a strong enough reason to switch.


  • DX12 support
  • Fast boot
  • Smaller OS footprint


  • My experience of Windows 10 is that I have seen more Blue Screens in the 18 months of using the OS than I have ever seen with Windows 7.
  • I still regularly hear stories of unexpected or breaking OS updates hampering gamers.

So I decided to see what the take up of the OS from fellow gamers has been, visiting the Steam Survey site, I have to say I was quite surprised by what I found.

Steam Survey Jun 2018

In the last 5 months there has been a vast change in the Steam user base (that have given information for the survey) shifting massively from Windows 7 64bit to Windows 10 64bit.

I know that Sea of Thieves released in mid-march, which was only available on Windows 10, but could that have impacted the metrics so much?
Yesterday Microsoft reported that more than 5 million people have played the game since launch, bearing in mind that in the the first week the number of copies solds was 2 million, it’s not a terrible figure to wave about.
Admittedly those figures cover both PC and XBox but it’s interesting to think that it may have spurred people into updating, but maybe not the sole reason.

Perhaps like myself it was just a natural time for a large number of people to upgrade their machines, taking the opportunity to move OS’s too.
Are DX11 is more performant on Windows 10 and people want to get the most from their existing games?

As more upcoming titles begin to opt for DX12 the last bastions of Windows 7 will start to crumble, maybe I just have to endure the random updates and blue-screens with everyone else.