Happy Blaugust

It’s the Summer *, days are longer, meat is cooking on barbeques, the Steam Sale has lightened our wallets and the air is filled with the sweet scent of creators weaving their content magic as they begin their Blaugust 2022 journey.

  • (Unless you are in the Southern hemisphere where it is winter)

If you aren’t familiar with the event, it can be many things, a celebration, a challenge, a chance for a new beginning and a good fun time.
Started by Belghast in 2014 Blaugust as a challenge to post something every day in August, the event continues to draw in new potential bloggers and stir up old and lax bloggers like myself.

I know that I mostly suck at actually sitting down and blogging but I really do love having this space available to me.
Back when I started it was how I connected to many different people before the rise of social media and real time messaging platforms. It was also a way my friends and I shared ideas and humorous things. We would publish posts, reviews and silly horrorscopes(sic) all uploaded via FTP.

This Blaugust my main goal is to refocus some of my energy from other activities into producing content for my blog, I easily put off typing up a post as I get easily distracted by a game or two, then it’s 7 days in and I’m way behind. I hope to draw on much of the last 2 years how my gaming habits have changed and how I see much around me changing too.

Why I love Blaugust

Part of it is that I love rediscovering bloggers like myself who want to climb back into the blogging saddle, having support, prompt lists, mentors and motivation can really re-enforce the goal of blogging and keep the passion of blogging lit.

However I equally enjoy finding new bloggers where someone is keen to step into the blogosphere ( is it still even called that now?), bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to the table and starting conversations.

Even when not participating directly in creating blog posts, it’s great to have new reading material, commenting on posts, sharing, liking & retweeting the work of those that are being creative.
The community is wonderful and watching the hashtag fill with posts is one of the best things, save that search and browse all that lovely Blaugust content.

So here is to my first post, I already have a few topics planned for this month, but aim to keep them in reserve as long as possible as I may need them towards the end.

Last Blaugust post 2014

Woo Yay Hoopla!
Today is officially the last day of Blaugust and despite someĀ troubles in the middle of the month it has not been half as bad as I thought it was going to be. Well done to all those who took part no matter how far you got into the event the mere accepting of such a challenge is quite an achievement when you aren’t in the habit of posting each day and I know some bloggers were getting back on the saddle after quite some time, so an extra Bravo! for you folks too.
A final thanks to Belghast for running the event despite havingĀ a tonne of other things sapping his time too.

So in memory of the last 31 days I thought that it would be nice to write up some thoughts in the form of questions, feel free to use them if you want.

What is the biggest thing you will take way from Blaugust?

I think the experience has been quite educational for me as writing a post in a day isn’t something that I excelled at.
The event has at the very least given me a taste of how I could make smaller and more frequent posts on my blog, which was one of the main focuses for me tackling the challenge.
From this I hope to improve on my “time-to-publish” so I can push out content with less of a struggle and ultimately feel more confident, independent of the subjects I choose to blog about.

What was the biggest challenge you faced? (if any)

Biting the bullet and posting after only proof reading my post once or twice, usually I would mull over the contents, the tone, the images. Until the post either got modified or was left to rot in the drafts folder.
This was the best thing for me as I felt there wasn’t a great deal of wasted effort which is a bonus as sometime my dyslexia gets the better of me.

I had a busy time in the middle of the month and despite preparing some of writing before hand the time wasn’t enjoyable and it would have been a natural break for me if I was keeping my own schedule.

Would I do it again?

Possibly, a big fact will be if I feel that challenge is achievable. On the face of it 31 posts doesn’t sound like a huge number but considering that my post count for last year only totalled 21, it’s been rather eye opening that’s for certain.

A bonus was that I’ve also discovered a stack of new bloggers who have all suffered tackled the event themselves. All of whom have been added to my RSS reader and blogroll (Hopefully).

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