The great free-weekend illusion

As Syp over at BioBreak pointed out the Funcom celebration weekend was a brilliant marketing move that was a free trail weekend in everything but name. Plus what better way to increase the population than by having a completion/give-away and encouraging players to spend more time in-game, a brilliant tactic and seemed to work quite well.

My wife decided to play over the free weekend so I joined her in Kingsmouth area running missions while I got used to the hammer powers. The mechanics of the game allow teaming to be a achieved very easily and reminded me of days in City of Heroes trailing behind a Level 50 while side-kicked.
Replaying the missions is an enjoyable activity and I found myself picking up on details related to other lore in the world. Kind of like watching Fight Club or Six Sense a second time.

Sorry to any twitter followers as I was promoting the free-weekend over the last week, hopefully it wasn’t too annoying and those that fancy giving it a go managed to try it out.

Points of interest

I recently purchased a 3 month subscription and got some bonus points (720) thrown in for doing so. Over the recent weekend if you completed 30 missions you were rewarded with a massive 1200 points, which is quite a decent amount and worth about £8.45/$13.15/€10.60 (at the time of writing) if purchased from the TSW website. I maybe worth noting that cash earned via promotions have expiry dates, I guess it’s to avoid player stock-piling large amounts to spend on future sparkle ponies.

Funcom seem happy to dish out the coins perhaps to get people in to the cash-for-clothing mindset, as the choices on the store aren’t that massive at this time, but there are some pieces that only appear purchasable as part of an outfit, that maybe to entice players to drop more cash.

I’m holding out for the extensive hat collection that surely is on the cards. Surely? Funcom?