… the other is war

Duane: You know what they say about love and war.
Tim: Yes. One involves a lot of physical and psychological pain,
 the other is war.

When it comes to Warhammer I have never really got into the fantasy setting, the futuristic 40k Universe was always more far more appealing to me, that said it’s rather sad to see another MMO (that was still subscription based) shutting it’s doors and making it’s way on to Syps MMO Timeline page.
For players that are still enjoying and playing the game, the “pulling the license” out from under a game immediately reminded me of the fate that befell Star Wars Galaxies with licensing issues being thrown around, but that is a topic for another post.

That said there were many of my fellow clan mates who were chomping at the bit for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, with a solid history in Dark Age of Camelot there was much excitement for this Mythic title. I listen in on the many Teamspeak debates about the beta progress and how Realm versus Realm was or wasn’t functioning. Despite this activity it wasn’t enough to entice me to join them at the launch of the game.

Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning Witch HunterI didn’t really give Warhammer a look until a good few months after launch, absent-mindedly adhering to Van Hemlock‘s three month rule. Of course there was the usual problem with separate starter zone rearing it’s familiar head to give new players the illusion they are almost alone while simultaneously placing other starter area quests out of sight and mind, this was later patched up to bring new players together in a single starter area, you could travel to do the other content from the other stater areas if you wanted.

Of course one of the main PvE draws came in the form of public quests (PQs) that offered multi-stage events with the rewards distributed to anyone that took part on completion of the stages. This did allow for grouping by strangers during the PQs without the hassle of forming a group and inviting randoms.

This was seen by many as a good feature, however others would label it anti-social by driving players away from Pugging.

I have to admit that announcing the games closure on the launch anniversary was a rather heartless move, and I hope that those still playing get to finish off any remaining quests or in-game tasks/achievements.