Memorable gaming moments Part 2

So my plan to blog each day in January may have been a little ambitious, given that this Month is one of the busiest in the industry in which I work. I had started typing up a post when the Out of Hours phone goes off an my time is sucked up with looking at stats for a few hours. By the time I was finished I decided that I was just going to get some sleep.

4 ) During my college years I would spend most weekends at a friend house smoking, drinking and playing Super Mario Kart on the SNES. It may have been a little old at the time but there was plenty to keep a bunch of drunks happy. There was races and battle mode, then there was shaving seconds off a time trial.

Things got serious when we would attempt to race on Ghost Valley 1 only using the mini-map or only using the rearview mirror, that only appears while reversing.

It wasn’t unusual to have button impressions on my fingers for days after playing.


5 ) The first memorable Playstation game I played was Resident Evil, rented from Blockbusters and played on Dok’s shiny new Playstation.

Excluding the acting, which is amazing by the way, the games fixed angles and music was enough to keep you on the edge of your seat nearly all the time. The first dog encounter everyone jumped out of their skin, it was amazing, the game didn’t need the all out horror just the tense moments and unfolding story.

To cap it all off we didn’t have a memory card to save the games, so we play it pretty much non-stop for days on end. We had to return the game and then re-rented it but having completed a large chunk already could effectively speed run through most of the mansion to progress further.
We got a memory care nearly at the end.


6 ) Once I had passed probation at my first job I decided to buy a PC, it was bought so I could get on the world wide web, in Fact it was on that PC I started writing the first versions of this very site. I couldn’t even tell you what the specs were but I remember the first game that was bought for it was Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six.

As you maybe aware the game was about an Anti-terrorist unit named Rainbow, originating from a book of the same name.

The game needed strategy, patience and timing in order to execute the tactical insertion plan, the game was unique in that you had the option of playing through the scenario controlling members of the team, or you could watch it all unfold through cameras and give orders from the safety of your living room.

As the game has evolved there is usually a strong focus on story, but the planning and strategy components are long gone. I recently backed a game that was in development that had very similar qualities to the original Rainbow Six, it is called DoorKickers by Killhouse games.


I’ve spent the best part of the last 3 weeks jumping various games my allotted time being partially arranged around the baby/visitors/work & sleep. It’s been rather sporadic to say the least.

My excitement for Modern Warfare 2 has started to wain a little, it’s cause hasn’t been helped by the large percentage of blatant hackers in the game that can’t be reported in any shape or form.

But enough with the old and in with the new, well newish, ok, ok, once were new.
My current play list looks something like this:

  • Everquest 2 (14 day trial) — frustratingly XFire isn’t recognising EQ2 so no time is being marked against it. I’m not sure I could face another standard MMO at the moment but the characters are very detailed and i’ve found the none way-pointed missions  lead to more exploration.
  • Wizard 101 — Rach and I have been trying out some less resource intensive games that allow us to pick up and play when we get a spare minute. I’m finding the game is scarcely entertaining
  • Spellborn — I’ve taken to playing a little Spellborn when I fancy a change of pace. The game delivers something different each time I play.
  • Warhammer Online — I’m playing the free Tier one stuff but with multiple builds, mostly to get a  feel for how the classes are designed and how they work with the other player classes.
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (On the XBob) — I’ve been having some great fun with this title certainly one to try if you’re a Marvel fan.

Still to come:

  • Mass Effect — Everyone is Raving about Mass Effect 2 so I’ve decide to try and get the original game completed first, the only problem is I have to re-install it since my HDD swap.
  • Myst online – Hopefully I’ll get back into trying this now free title once more.
  • Chaos Rising Dawn of War 2 — looking forward to this expansion when it arrives.

Throw all that into the mix with everything and I find myself struggling to get a blog post writing in a week.

But it’s all good fun

Playing a game to death and back

I’ve not talked about my older console habits and after hearing the Listen Up (1Up) podcast talking fondly of their favourite old games I remembered the hours of fun that I had playing Super MarioKart on the SNES. There were few games on the console that where played as fanatically by my friends and […]

Super_Mario_Kart_snes_I’ve not talked about my older console habits and after hearing the Listen Up (1Up) podcast talking fondly of their favourite old games I remembered the hours of fun that I had playing Super MarioKart on the SNES. There were few games on the console that where played as fanatically by my friends and I, this was the most extreme case.

You had the standard game modes that occupied your normal gaming time on the game, Cup races, head to head and the awesome PvP. Additional once you had exhausted all of that content you could turn your attention to the rather addictive time trails, where shaving a fraction of second off the top time was a highly sought after goal.

Remember that in the years without achievement systems and Gamer-Scores, this was boredom redefined and redirected into playing a game to death, then doing it all again. So what to do once you had exhausted all of the content? Well in our case we got plastered and invented new game modes.

Our overall favourite map was Ghost Valley 1 which was frequently the settings for our more bizarre game modes due to the ‘unique’ features.
I’m not sure which half-crazy scheme was more enjoyable, the first was invented by covering the bottom half of the screen and using the in-game minimap to guide your character around the track. Of course the chosen track doesn’t have any barriers so as you can imagine many drunken expletives were uttered and bellowed at the console.

Another event wasn’t as extreme just was equally as fun, attempting to complete the route in reverse using only the rear-view mirror  for guidance. While being easier than the mini-map game it was a right blast.

So is this Madness? Quite possibly, but also rather fun and certainly playing the title far beyond the limits it was originally destined for.