Life after patch 3.1.1

So 3.1.1 brought with it a shake up of the PvP campaigns, I have to say that I’m quite happy with this as it means the tier reward payouts are more frequent plus the goals feel more achievable.
So gone are the previous ten 90 day campaigns and they have been replaced by the following:

  • Haderus: 7 day Campaign
  • Chillrend: 14 day Campaign
  • Thornblade: 30 day Campaign
  • Bow of Shadows: 5 day Campaign (vet only)
  • Blackwater Blade: 5 day Campaign (non-vet only)

Now they just need to resolve the random disconnect and bow damage bugs in PvP.

Just dyeing to tell you

Additionally one of the most anticipated features in the ESO Patch was the Dyes for clothing. Now that I have finally had chance to play around with the system here are my thoughts.

The unlocking of new colours is done by earning certain achievements, which is a nice system that rewards those who play through the game and indulge in exploration and quest completion. The palette is quite subdued with most of the colours being in keeping with the aesthetic of the game world.

Each piece of armour has 3 elements that can be dyed uniformly using a paint tool or use a brush to paint them individually, these are split into two main colours for the item plus one for the trim.

So far I have only seen a handful of “power-rangers” clothing schemes thank goodness.

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Issue 13 (part 2)

I failed to mention a few items in my last post, some due to time restrictions some due to the fact I wasn’t aware of them.

First up is the rather cool ‘day jobs’ these off-line mode settings allow you to gain a slight bonus when you next log on with that character. The job you have depends on the location you logout, and the reward changes depending on what job you perform. There are some badges linked into the job and I believe an accolade too.

While on the topic of badges I thought it maybe worth meantioning that the game interface for badges has been completely redesigned. Woo a wonderful change for my badge whoring hunters characters. Additionally there are now tooltips that appear telling you the percentage completed for that badge, example “9 (90%) of 10 complete”.

The final item I only noticed yesterday was the rather funky method that the developers have used to get around adding more costume slots into the game. While at the tailors you can now save and load costumes from files stored on your machine. I have to say I wish this feature had made it into the game sooner as I have altered my characters look so many times it would be nice to have the older outfits saved.

New Costume Loader
New Costume Loader
Badge tooltips
Badge tooltips
Badge type selector
Badge type selector