But we didn’t order any extras

I thought that Blaugust was going to be more straight forward this year but alas life throws whole bags of spanners into the mix once more.

cherry blossom lemonade
Cherry Blossom Lemonade

On the weekend we did a little shopping then headed to Wagamama as a treat, for those not familiar Wagamama is a British restaurant chain that serve Asian food based on Japanese cuisine.
Pictured is the cherry blossom lemonade I had that was bloody delicious.

We discovered on Monday that at some point during the weekend adventure, Munki (my other half), ended her 2 year 5 month streak of being COVID free.
We live in a small house so there isn’t any real  meaningful isolation that can happen, however Munki tried to keep away from the kids, I have only recently gotten over having COVID 4 weeks ago, thankfully it was while the family were away,  it meant I wasn’t too concerned about getting it again myself.

The problem is that our 16 month old Tiny Troll is of course still needing a lot of attention so I was picking up all those duties to let Munki stay out of close proximity, add into the mix doing my day job, a dash of gaming and mustering some blog posts  too, it’s been a juggling act to say the least.

Well today TinyTroll woke with a high temperature which after a test turned out to be positive too. He has only displayed the fever so we are hopeful that will be the extent of it.
Naturally Munki feels awful that he has caught it, but thankful that she is now able to help out with some baby related tasks since they are both in the same boat.

LittleTroll (our eldest) remains negative on tests and to be honest is making himself as useful as a 12 year old can.

So fingers crossed that everyone in the house starts to get better in the coming days and we can return to our usual family chaos instead of is COVID branded one.