Plays (2014 wk20)


Over the weekend I played a good deal of Elder Scrolls Online, I have two main characters, one is a Nightblade and part of my Static group with FlyinPinkMunki & DokChaos which we play on a weekly basis on the Aldmeri Dominion, this toon is around level 14. My other main is a Sorcerer on the Daggerfall Covenant who alongside my wife’s Sorcerer is around level 22, we are hitting the Stormhaven content and having a right blast.

War Thunder

I have the same issue with War Thunder that I experienced with World of Warplanes in that I can play about 3 matches and I’m done. I’m not sure what it is that causes the problem but it’s enough to make me close the client and fire up another game.

Civilization V

After reading Wilhelms post about his CIV 5 games, I really fancied going back to the title. When I bought it originally I think it was via Steam sale plus I had a stack of other titles on the go and never really gave it the attention I wanted to.

Of course customising your civilization makes for laughable moments when prompted with dialogues for  Welsh of The Trolls.

I’d also completely forgot how awesome the Soundtrack to the game once I’d remembered that I have it via Steam I promptly uploaded to my Cloud player for consumption at work.

#ElderScrollsOnline #WarThunder #Civilization

Christmas plays

Side from messing my blog theme I have been gaming quite a bit over the festive period.
So I thought maybe time to start blogging more about what I’m playing as my best made plans to write up about games once complete never work.

On the go

The Secret World
I’m attempting to Playing with the FRR crew via the How to Murder Time Steam Group, it’s a good game to be back playing, the level less approach means that there are fewer hurdles to overcome when grouping up.
I have been performing the usual “Getting to know you” routine and familiarising myself with my characters abilities, I play a healer of sorts balancing barrier and HoTs with the group.

The Novelist
This game has been on my radar for what feels like a long time, I finally picked the game up from the newish Humble Bundle Store. Completing my 2013 indie experience this game focuses on a family on a break for the summer, who face a number of life choices that you must help them to decide on. The game is so well executed, your build connections with each family member and struggle morally ask you pick the “best” course of action.

Saints Row 4
My wife has been playing SR4 for a while now, I finally picked it up in the Steam sales and it is truly a over the top bonkers game. The game give nods to multiple films & games, yet in the same breathe also mocks them or the tropes they represent. I’m only a small portion of the way into this game but hopefully it will be entertaining me for sometime.

Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag
I received this as a gift from a friend. This latest AC title is set in the Caribbean, following a pirate and privateer Edward Kenway. I’m not far into the game but I’m enjoying the new setting is a welcome change from the previous setting but has a very familiar feel the controls are comfortable.
I’ll keep you posted on how it plays.

Super Sanctum TD
This small spin off to the Sanctum franchise by CoffeeStain studios. This retro style isometric is a good little time waster, removing the FPS nature of Sanctum and popping some timed remote power for the player to use.
If you enjoy a good TD game this is very nicely done and normally quite cheap on Steam.

On the horizon

LEGO : Marvel Heroes
I’ve just started to play this with my Super Hero Squad mad 4 year old son. So far we have only completed the first 2 levels, but it has the funny and witty humour that these Lego game are fond of doing. There are many unlocks for us to work on over the next few months.

On the chopping block

Planetside 2
I’m beating a dead horse with Planetside 2, in fact the last week I have barely played any other than logging on to get my daily cert reward.
Many of my old guard outfit members have began to drift off into other games as Planetside 2 doesn’t really offer much diversity of content.
In SOE’s plan for Auraxis there is little room for veteran players as the focus of the game falls more on battling in a Zerg but a lack of a lattice system locks each continent in a eternal tug of war mentality, rather than a game filled with tactics & strategies that can make the game more about.