Whats the date?

I rarely write moaning posts so this could be a first for welshtroll.

calendar.jpgWhat annoys me no end, is that website owners/managers seem to believe news/blog/article entries only exist for 12 months. It's unclear what exactly happens to them at that point in time, maybe they just fade into the background noise or perhaps some form of internet meme appears and devours them.

What ever the answer, the fact remains that all of this items have a time stamp that takes the following characteristics : 24th July 13:45.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't there be a year in that date?

I find it highly annoying when i stumble blindly onto a website that has this year-lacking date format. It's not a large change to display a piece of data that is already stored on a database with the rest of the time stamp information, is it?

So when a user visits your website they can instantly see when the information was posted, in turn this give the user chance to judge the information and how relevant is it.