Closing & Reborn

We'll tomorrow will be the 'official' last day of a website I set up in December 2004.

It's had a funny live, started off as a community website for people I had met online, first it was a pretty open entry system and then after about 6 months swapped to an invite only system.

There were good and bad points to these methods, the latter was in retrospect the one element that secured it's demise. In it's popular phase it would see 100 forums posts a day from over 30 members, sadly towards the end the underbase sank to around 10 active members per week.

I've half written a post about managing online communities, detailing the good and bad. One day it will make it's way into my blog.


And onto a lighter topic, my redesign of my clans website

I have tried to deliver 2 themes for users to choose from, one of them is Light and one Dark. Although, truth be told they are both greyscale with varying tones to match the name. in addtion to the new themes I also whated to come up with a new logo/title bar that would give the whole thing a new feel.

So after playing around the chaos star, a logo that we have stuck with for sometime now. I was about to give up and start thinging of something new, when I accidentally dragged the “K” of Khaos over the star and instantly stumbled apon a way to revamp the old logo.

So after a good few hours of tweaking, redesigning and more tweaking, the final version came to life. So for your viewing pleasure i present the final logo/title.


I'm very happy with the way it turned out to be honest, I wasn't sure the 'K' was going to intergrate and be noticable. But thankfully it shines out wonderfully.