Duck Duck Go Mobile App

So I’ve been running the Duck Duck Go app on my phone for about a year now. I felt that the the trade off between using Chrome (where everything is always logged in but tracked ) and DuckDuckGo, boils down to convenience, yes I may need type my credentials more frequently but for the amount of benefits it gives me it’s feelsĀ  worth it.


90% of my browsing is just looking stuff up, random stuff, IMDB, Just watch, I’m not even logged into a site to see most stuff.
However we all know that even the most basic searches using a big Search engine is likely to be tied to your account, tracked via cookies ad profile ID, then you will be seeing adverts for things related to that search hours and days later.

By default DuckDuckGo will use it’s enhanced privacy protection to block many trackers, However there are other baked in features that can be set to automatically wipe your tabs and/or browsing data, either on a timer or when you exit the app.

If this isn’t a feature you want to occur all the time you can list a site as fireproof, so it avoids this fate

But not only does DuckDuckGo give you a browser it also offers two additional tools that you can sign up to be part of (at the time of writing thisĀ 

Duck Email

Big business means Big data, your data to be exact, our inboxes are swamped with marketing emails of one kind or another. Each of them is a tiny self-contained bundle of ways companies can track you.

They will track

  • is your email address still valid
  • did the email reach it
  • did you open the email
  • did you scroll or interact with the email in anyway
  • did you click a link/image in the email

One of the features they have started rolling out is a email forwarder that sends emails to an email address of your choosing but it removes tracking data from emails (the 3 elements in the list above).

Also at anytime you can generate a random email address that will do the same, only it’s not giving out your duck address but still linked to it.
Lastly you can response to emails and they will go back via DuckDuckGo not giving away your actual email still.

App Tracking Protection

So the latest feature that is being trailed is Tracking Protection from your installed Apps. I love how simple the idea here is, DuckDuckGo setups up a local VPN, the checks happens on your phone, the data never sent out to anyone else. Then the app and you can control what apps use it or don’t make use of it. Some apps that have this tracking nastiness baked into them break completely so you have to toggle those apps off.

Think all those tracking cookies are rough?
Then when you see the quantity of data that can be captured and supplied via app tracking about you and your device, it’s frankly scary.