ESO : Antiquities

Unearthing our past, is both educational and profitable.

Following on from my post about exploration in Elite Dangerous, I though the natural step was to talk about unearthing ancient artefacts in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Introduced in the Greymoor expansion the Antiquities system is comprised of 3 parts, Leads, Scrying and Excavation.
Each zone has it’s own series of leads linked to the region and each lead usually has three lore snippets that explains it’s possible origin and history

So not only can you unlock a wealth of knowledge from the items that you unearth, but there are also other in-game content you can discover:

    • furnishings for your house
    • a long lost forgotten dance that your character can learn (emote) 
    • items your character can equip
    • even a discoverable and unlockable mount.


First thing you need to get started is a lead on an antiquity, each zone has a green tier lead that you get access to by default, following a lead and excavating it can also yield other leads, but you can also find leads in chest, barrels, buried with resource nodes and as enemy loot drops.


Scrying the lead will guide you to a list of digs sites, the better you perform on the scrying minigame the fewer dig sites will be revealed on your map, get all 6 and only 1 site will be revealed, otherwise you will have to travel to each to eliminate the false ones.

As you level up the skill line you get more attempts and tools to make the job easier, which is handy as the better the quality of the lead will result in a bigger scrying pane.


The final piece of the puzzle and another minigame, the difficulty of the excavation is linked to the Lead quality, this dictates how much dirt and rock you need to shift, and if there any hazard you have to avoid.

Again you can level this skill line to give you things like tools and more time to perform the excavation.

As well as the main object you are seeking you can often find additional rewards in the ground such as spare coins, more leads or treasure items you can sell.

Current Games Aug 2022

Discussing MMO/Multiplayer games that I’m currently enjoying.

After a long period without consistently playing MMO/Multiplayer games I currently find myself currently playing a number of games on regular rotation.

Diablo 3

Since picking up D3 (no thanks to GamersWithJobs podcast blessing me with the benefits of the Crusader) I’ve been quite firmly addicted to the Seasonal events.
Not the fastest at reaching level 70 nor fastest at completing the seasonal chapters, we tend to have a group of people that are happy to come together to chip away at the goals, grind some Gems and get our unlocks done.

I admire those people that can focus on building their paragon levels up into the multiple thousand levels, but that isn’t really something that I have any want, reason or time to do.

I hope that Blizz continue to play with the seasons, new mechanics, with some maybe transitioning into the standard game too like the Echoing Nightmares. At least until D4 arrives, then mothballed no doubt.

I am sad that the increased stash numbers change was never picked up again after the issues that were seen on console versions with the increased number, but I guess they didn’t want to only deploy it to the PC version. I would have made life much easier all around.

Elite Dangerous

I find playing ED exhilarating, there is so many different things to keep you engaged, the newest expansion giving us space legs has introduced a number of new and exciting activities. I have really enjoyed the exobiology feature that was introduced and although it can be frustrating is ultimately rewarding when you get the first discovery on a planet or system.

The on foot conflict zones are found in systems where there is a war, you pick a side to fight for as a mercenary, you then get transported to the battle zone. There are 3 tiers of zone, low, medium and high, these tiers directly influence the number of enemies and their AI/weapon handling.
it’s easy to under estimate them.

Of course there are still lots of non-foot related activities that ED still offers and they can be very enjoyable, taking out pirates, working on community goals (or working against them with Operation Wych Hunt), taking tourists on sightseeing adventures etc

I find that I burn out on Elite much faster than other games, not sure why this is the case but I play for a few weeks then park the game for a month. I at often keen to return but something deters me.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Munki and I played during beta and at launch, this was back before the Unlimited changes, so we were making our way through the level gated content towards Cold Harbour (the final zone).
We were also running some Alts to play with different groups of friends, so were seeing all 3 main storylines at once.

It’s safe to say that we played, non-stop until we had completed nearly all of the game, even focusing on PVP at times.
Sadly this meant that over the years since then I’ve gone into the new content but only superficially, maybe rolling up a new toon, running some of the main quests, but the energy fizzling out within a month.

However over the last 6 months I’ve really enjoyed slowly working back into ESO on a more regular basis, getting a couple of hours a day to devote to the task, I’ve been discovering some of the content that I missed or completed on a throw away toons.

There is so much that I have missed that I will talk about but I think I shall keep that for a separate blog post.

Content Vs Fixes

Update 3 in Elder Scrolls Online brought with it some great new updated features, things that the community has been asking for.

In terms of end-game there are four main areas activities:

  • Veteran alternate alliance questing
  • Group area content such as Craglorn
  • Veteran Dungeons
  • PvP

As I’ve been playing alot of PvP recently it’s become apparent that the changes introduced in 1.3 really messed up the continual battlefronts, far worst than I’d originally thought.

The worst issues are the Memory leak that causes the game to run out of memory after 60 to 80 minutes. This just forces the player to desktop without any error messages or crash reporter.
Second the list is a random bug that either causes you to crash to desktop or respawn at the starting area, this effects all players in a given area as suddenly the battle stops and tonnes of players can be seen at the respawn shrine.

The last issue is the inflated damage bug that sees player of low level outputing far higher damage that they should be able to.

With the continual crash to desktop and the instagibs it’s easy to just give up on playing TESO and switch to something less buggy.
So as Zenimax are looking to further expand content in release 4, the impact of these bug could have done more harm to the games PvP population than can be factored, the longer they persist the more long term damage could be done.

Life after patch 3.1.1

So 3.1.1 brought with it a shake up of the PvP campaigns, I have to say that I’m quite happy with this as it means the tier reward payouts are more frequent plus the goals feel more achievable.
So gone are the previous ten 90 day campaigns and they have been replaced by the following:

  • Haderus: 7 day Campaign
  • Chillrend: 14 day Campaign
  • Thornblade: 30 day Campaign
  • Bow of Shadows: 5 day Campaign (vet only)
  • Blackwater Blade: 5 day Campaign (non-vet only)

Now they just need to resolve the random disconnect and bow damage bugs in PvP.

Just dyeing to tell you

Additionally one of the most anticipated features in the ESO Patch was the Dyes for clothing. Now that I have finally had chance to play around with the system here are my thoughts.

The unlocking of new colours is done by earning certain achievements, which is a nice system that rewards those who play through the game and indulge in exploration and quest completion. The palette is quite subdued with most of the colours being in keeping with the aesthetic of the game world.

Each piece of armour has 3 elements that can be dyed uniformly using a paint tool or use a brush to paint them individually, these are split into two main colours for the item plus one for the trim.

So far I have only seen a handful of “power-rangers” clothing schemes thank goodness.

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ESO Patch 1.3.3

So important changes have gone into Elder Scrolls Online in the latest patch that dropped into the NA servers yesterday and EU servers today.

This patch is huge and contains many balancing alterations, bug fixes and quality of life changes. I shan’t list them all out as you can read the patch notes yourselves, but here are some key features for me:

  • PvP
    • the closure of all active PvP campaigns and granting everyone a free Campaign Home assignment
    • The number of the PvP campaigns has been changed giving more focus on smaller durations bigger fights
    • Weapon swapping has been improved ( this bugged me)
    • Fixed floating postern doors in PvP
    • Grand soul gems can not drop in war bags
    • Restoration Staff – Grand Healing: This ability now shows green ring on the ground when cast by an ally in Cyrodiil.
  • “NPCs that drink from bottles will now have the bottle line up with their mouth. They will no longer have a drinking problem.YAY for Airplane! references
  • Updated the sound you hear when you attempt to perform an ability, but you don’t have enough magicka or stamina.
  • An almost free respec will be in for 1 week at the cost of 1 gold, but in the future the standard cost will be reduced
  • The ash pile left by disintegrated enemies now glows if it is lootable.
  • Potency Runes will now stack up to 100

For your reading pleasure the patch notes can be found here

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