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Here is my obligatory sorry I haven’t blogged anything for weeks post, hopefully to be more consistent from now on.
To recap here is a short trip through my last month.


Yay I managed to get the piece of work out of the door that I was working on, to say I underestimated the size of the task is an understatement. Plus the overall impact on my other workload didn’t really rear it’s head until I was completing the task.
In other work related new the company I work for has almost completed its sale to another party, we aren’t expected a massive change to the way we work, but still it will be a shock to the system after starting as such a small company.


At the moment I’ve gone back to learning to drive, which in all honesty feels much more comfortable in my mid thirties than it did the previous times at 17 or 22. So as you can imagine much of my time at the moment has been used up with revision for my theory test and actually doing my driving lessons.


My adventures in gaming have been quite varied at the moment.

  • No thanks to DokChaos I’m back playing EVE Online although this time being a little more adventurous in our ambitions.
  • Darkest Dungeon is really good fun, I’ve set so many adventurers to their demise. I’d like to see it make a jump to tablet format as I feel it would work quite well.
  • Smite during the beta of the game I bought the Ultimate god pack as it was a pretty good price, plus it means that I don’t really have to worry about unlocking heroes. I then completely ignored the game for 2 years
  • I’ve been watching a clan friend of mine streaming Heroes of the Storm recently and given my recent fondness towards MOBAs I got myself a key and joined in the fun.

We could be legion

I have to admit that I was disappointed when CCP announced that Dust 514 was only going to be out on Playstation, but wither the decision was made to avoid sapping the Eve Online player base or due to an exclusive deal with Sony, the choice looks to have been the wrong one with reports of the game being overall poor.

And now out of Fanfest comes news of Legion, a First Person Shooter MMO with Player versus Player and Environmental components. This is going to be target the PC platform, but CCP haven’t ruled out a PS4 release but I don’t think it’s high on the cards.

Initially I thought the game will go head to head with SoEs Planetside 2 title yet given the PvE elements it maybe more like Defiance and FireFall.
Interestingly the original Planetside game was going to have PvE and a mission system build into it, but sadly they never made the final version.

The experiences in making Dust have allowed CCP to expand on the idea making it bigger and more involved. This will hopefully allow for a greater interaction with the whole Eve Universe and enable more direct control of planets/systems.

Now all it needs is to allow you to move your character seamlessly between Legion and Eve and Dok Chaos will never have to log out.

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