Elite Dangerous : Exobiology

When the Odyssey Expansion released for ED in May last year, it brought with it ability to leave your vehicles and move around on foot. SPACE LEGS FOR ALL!

Walking around delivered a mixture of missions that can be undertaken, like those you see on your ship they are randomly generated and the factions within a system issue them, you can accept them from a mission board like on ships, or you can go speak to a contact face to face, which is a nice touch after years of being stuck in a ship.

When a war occurs in a system you can act as a merc, siding with one faction for the on-foot conflict zone, these are populated with AI troopers, players in the area will of course show as fighting along side them.

One of the new activities to occupy your time while on foot didn’t require missions as it was a new form of exploration, Exobiology, and I adore it. Not an activity that everyone will enjoy, seeking out the various organism on remote planets can beĀ  rather frustrating and always time-consuming.

That said there is something truly wonderful being stood next to some fledgling alien organism, on a plant at the edge of a solar system, which it’s self is at the edge of the bubble.

Big Blue Thingys

Despite being my favourite feature the game annoyingly sucks at two core things to help make Exobiology easier, namely these are:

  • Firstly listing out your discoveries so you can so check what you have documented and from where (same problem as system/planet discovery)
  • Secondly once you have collect enough samples of an organism for analysis, I wish it would mark it on the Detailed Surface Scanner somehow.

Once I was aware of them I have been trying to get around these two problems so I can scan a planet fully at a pace that suites me, as I said I like to be organised, so Trello is currently housing the data so I don’t forget between play sessions.
Much easy to see what I have and haven’t completed.