After rebuilding Rachs PC with some new components. It appeared that the graphic card was running quite hot, under a heavy load around 90c. Now although this is still under the 120c maximum that get listed for cards of that type the reality is that you will either crash out of game you are playing or your screen will just locked up completely.

So it was time to get a new GFX fan and while we are at it I wanted to improve the airflow in the case, as there was only an 80mm fan on the front. I also had 1 additional requirement that fans need to be quiet as Rach has the PC on the desk rather than under it so avoiding anything that sounds like a jet engine was a must.

After a little searching around I visited QuietPC ( whom I have purchased items from before.

gx810.jpgThe QuietPC has a nice website design and allows you to search for fans by GPU manufacturer and then shows a table listing what fans are compatible with the various types of model.

In the end I chose a ZEROtherm GX810, mainly for the reasons below

  • Variable speed fan ranging from speeds of 900 to 2500 rpm
  • Fan speed is controlled by an onboard temperature sensor
  • Noise is limited to 16.95 – 29.85 dB depending on speed
  • Uses fins in an arc to cool the GPU down

OK so the last option sounds a little lame but in all honesty this style of fan system will mean less dirt and fluff collected and a easy cleaning job when/if you need too.

A great price at £19.99 including vat.

xilencefansm.jpgNow for the case fan. Again the site allow me to filter the size to 120mm fans and then showed me a table detailing the noise, Max. fan speed and airflow statistics of each fan in that category. After a little review of those available I selected the Xilence Red Wing as it give me large airflow with minimal noise due to the fan speed being only 1400rpm. Ideal.

A great price at £7 🙂

Now my only complaint about QuietPC is that once ordered it is difficult to track your order, I have yet to find anything on the website that shows my orders and their status. But saying that I received the new parts within 2 working days.

So the final result system tempuratures down to 35c and the GFX running at a nice 60c under load.