Filler requests

Todays topic shall cover blind invites and invites to be a filler.  Now I see this as more of a problem on City of Heroes, I’ve not seen it as frequently on Villains. But then there are higher populations on the Hero side.

The other day Rach and I created* brand new heroes on Union (* The creation process last anywhere between 15 and 40 minutes). Once created we spend two minutes setting up various windows and options it was time to complete the Outbreak tutorial.

With in 10 minutes of making the characters we had recieved two team invites followed by a message the following lines:

Hey, do u mind filling in my farm for 2 mins, you dont have to enter mission or even come to this zone…just stay put !!

So here is a question for existing players of the game, how soon do you populate your “Search Comment” box?
Is it on creation of a new character or after the first annoying blind invite you get?

As a rule I now enter the following statement as soon as the character is created:

Blind invites, filler and farming requests will be ignored.

Straight forward and to the point, but even armed with this comment I’m frequently approached to be a filler. Now I’m not getting into a farming good-or-evil debate over this, my bugbear is that veteran players of the game are too lazy to even read players comments. I don’t care if it’s on a bind or macro, it don’t take more than 5 second to read a search comment.

When this occurs I use the new in-game features, adding a note to every person that tries to invite me to be a filler.

I feel really sorry for anyone starting the game, having to juggle learning about powers and zones combined with numberous invites to be a fillers for some farmers.