Station Life

Season 6 of The Expanse kicked off at the start of December, I have only recently caught up on the first 5 seasons after two of my friends insisted that I should watch it, it made for good lockdown viewing. I am of course totally hooked and really enjoying the show and the new season is as gripping as expected.

As much as I’m liking the current story and plot, some of the original elements that drew me in have since diminished with each passing season.
For me a huge element that I really enjoyed was the focus on station/colony life, the personal interactions and background characters. Add into that mix the gumshoe element and a whole lot of mistrust/conspiracy and it was a blend that I really felt at home watching.

Once I was all caught up on the first 5 seasons of The Expanse, was itching to watch something else so I decided to start a re-watch of my favourite space themed show Babylon 5.
Turns out the elements I originally liked in The Expanse were the staples baked into almost all of Babylon 5, which is most likely why it appealed to me so strongly initially.

Since the announcement of the ‘from the ground up’ B5 reboot, with JMS at the helm, I have to admit that I am a little on the excited side.

Hawk the Slayer’s rubbish!

So yesterday was the anniversary of one of my all time favourite TV shows: Spaced.
Fifteen years ago it aired in the UK on Channel 4 and quickly obtained a cult following despite it’s limited run of two series.


Spaced featured two strangers who have to put on a charade in order to rent a flat, during the show we learn more about them, their assortment of friends and the other occupants of the house . During the series we follow their struggle with day-to-day life with often surreal results.
The show set the trend long before other shows with home made fighting Robots, paintballing and black-ops dog rescues (I got nothing to link here 🙂 ).


The show brought together a number of actors that I had seen previously on comedy shows (Pegg, Frost, Hynes, Heap) and many of whom, along with the director and producers (Wright and Park), would become bigger stars in their own right.

It’s said that without Spaced there may never have been A Cornetto Trilogy and I can believe that.


Each episode was jam packed with stacks of cultural reference touching on tv and films, comics, games and music, in fact when watching it for the first time you may only spot the obvious ones.
I know some of them I didn’t spot until much later when rewatching. Admittedly some of them will only make sense to British folks and then only those of a certain age will laugh at the in-jokes.

The one of my favourite quotes and it’s in the very first scene:

If you can’t see the video here is a substitute:

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Mammoth catchup

A general catch up post to cover my general lack of inconsistency.
Well the last couple of weeks have been very hectic but I’m going to try and write a little something down.

wagamama-logoOn the weekend 7/8/9th me and Rach headed to the big smoke, after a quite annoying train ride we were pretty much exhausted and after a whistle stop tour around the rather awe inspiring St. Pancras station, we hit the hay quite early. On the Sunday we met up with a large and varied assortment of folks from different places. Much nattering was done and although the pub we had gathered in offered food, our plan was to hit WagaMamas for our nourishment needs. As typical as the weather is in the UK the once sunny skies filled with heavy clouds and our 10 minute journey was undertaken in vast downpours, but the food was rather tasty as promised, so it was worth it.

We took a stroll and visit a Gosh Comics where I picked up a couple of nice titles  and then we continued onto Forbidden Planet. The home of so many shiny things.

It was really nice to put faces to the rabble that normally exist in electron form over the interweb.

In the past few weeks there has been a light scattering of Left4Dead with Rachy and more recently Dok, I really do enjoy the game and can’t wait for the expansion to arrive.
Our weekly adventuring team in City of Heroes is fast approaching level 40 and I’m looking forward to the Taskforces and content in the final 10 levels, which I haven’t seen before.
I’m still playing some Dawn of War 2, mostly on campaign mode still, only seeking into multiplayer games occasionally, the game is certainly well thought through and my 2nd run on the campaign is still quite fresh. I think the customisable characters allow for some very different play-styles between games.

I’ve also been playing a couple of Java games as my flu/cold/lergy meant I didn’t feel like playing anything that needed to much concentration.


Well I’ve finally seen Watchmen on Monday just gone. I really enjoyed the film adaptation and thought most of it was as true to the original as could be expected, superseding my exceptions at times. After a post-viewing discussion with Dok I think I nailed down one of  the elements that I felt wasn’t as obvious.  In the film as in the book the threat of nuclear war is made quite clear, but I feel the book illustrates the populations anxiety and the heightened sense of impending doom.


I’ve not read lot in the last few weeks, Rachy got me Batman : The Killing Joke which I found a wonderfully dark and gripping storyline. Thanks to Rockjaw for suggesting it on the Limited Edition podcast a few episodes back.

Shawn of the Dead

Went to see this film on Thursday, been waiting 3 odd years for it.

What can I say a great ‘rom-zom-com’, full of spaced style comical moments but with more blood.

Spot the celeb also comes into play as numerous faces pop up throught the film.

If you can see it, go do so, but don’t expect another Dawn of the Dead.

Expect a review shortly.