Forever Forbidden

For my birthday I had a copy of Forbidden Desert, which is a sequel to GameWrights co-operative game Forbidden Island. The mechanics of the game are similar enough that anyone who has played the previous game should be able to jump into this title without too much trouble.


The basics of the game are that you are a group of adventurers who have crashed in the desert and need to find a way to escape, to do so you need to acquire 4 parts of an airship and get to the launch pad tile. However you don’t know the locations of these parts and have to look for clues that guide you to the title position, this is a rather cool feature as it’ s varied how the positioning works. Lastly to hamper your efforts there is a sandstorm raging that is heaping sand onto titles and your water canteen is running dry.

I have to admit that when the game arrived there were a number of faults with the tiles, but a few emails to gamewright and the UK based company resulted in some speedy replacements arriving.

Now due to a slight misunderstanding of one of the major rules we mistakenly lost the first 3 games by a massive margin. However the following day with the rules reviewed and understood, we lost another 2 matches.

To say that this game is difficult maybe unfair, perhaps it was the numbers of players (3) or the fact that when the game said to drink we all had a swing of an alcoholic beverage.

I can say that at the time of writing this we have yet to escape the desert with the flying machine, perhaps drinking alcohol isn’t wise in scorching temperatures.