Friendly Bytes

I recently followed the Twitter conversation and blog posts the last week which focused on discussion around online friendships, what they mean to people, experiences and how they rank against real-life relationships.
You can read them here :
Belghast – Braxwolf – Liore – ContainsModeratePeril

While reading these I was reminded of a post that I wrote during the hectic month of Blaugust. As you can see I am a firm believer that online friendships can be as good if not better than those formed in the real world. I’ll be the first to admit that there are always some people that aren’t the kind of person I’d befriend, but that logic applies to both sides of the coin.

In the last year I have made more online acquaintances, some of them gamers others are bloggers whom I read on my commute to work, some via my Clan.
Many of them I’ll never met in in real life as they are over 3000 miles away, however there are a number that I see yearly and many interact with almost everyday.

As Belghast says I’m not a football type of person however despite talking about different sports, the non-sport element remains strong. There is always Bluffball I suppose, but who wants to be a big normal man anyway?