A nervous Twitch.TV

Reports are out that Google has completed the purchase of Twitch.Tv for $1 billion which confirms the rumours about the purchase that were circulating in May.
I’m interested to see what steps Google take with the streaming service, whether it will include auto-saving of shows directly to The YouTube site along with tighter integration or if the Brand will be kept complete separate (save being able to logon with Google Accounts ofc). Whichever direction it would surprise me if there is much change before Christmas.

If the Google account are used the recent Google’s reversal on Real Name policy will at least mean streamers/viewers real identities are directly exposed to others, if they use decide/must use a Google account.

As with any time we see companies bought out, loyalties will be tested and it wouldn’t surprise me to see some well known streamers jumping ship to other streaming services such as UStream or Hitbox, but with an already strong Apple and Android presence other services may seem lacking.

Sadly my upload speed currently isn’t good enough to support Streaming my adventures in gaming, fingers crossed that the upgrade at the exchange completes sometime soon, as half my town have fibre, just not the half in inhabit.



Shiny Shiny Google Chrome

Well considering that most of the interweb was buzzing with talk of Google browser today I thought I would just on that bandwagon and throw in my 2 cents worth. Before I start there is one thing to consider when reviewing this software, it's still in Beta which means anything can change before it's released fully.

After repeated attempts to get the browser from one location that appeared to be not starting the download. I finally obtained the correct location and download the setup program. The install and download took around 20 minutes to complete, which wasn't too bad considering that I didn't have Gears installed previously.
The browser prompted me with the option to import favourites/bookmarks, search engines, saved passwords and browsing history from Firefox, which it managed quite nicely and they all seem to be present.
Start up
For us more windows based users the first thing I really noticed was that the title bar is there but isn't. It took me a second or two before i remembered that the blue header area is the titlebar.
There aren't many options in the application, I sadly couldn't stop the 'speed dial' type page from loading when I open a new tab, which is kind of annoying.
There isn't functionlity in the Webkit to handle the Zoom functions correctly, so if you attempt it on a page containing images they don't scale with the text. This isn't a massive problem but considering that the lastest Firefox and IE browsers manage this now, i would have expected it to be included. But then this is only beta.
For web developers there is a built in code inspector, which has some nice features, additionally there is a javascript debugger for those annoying scripts. Combined with the rather nice looking Task manager and 'Nerd'options
For those that are into tabs, Chrome gives functionality that allows you to close tabs that have been opened from an existing tab, along with a duplicate tab option. Added into this menu are the options 'close all other tabs' and 'close tabs to the right', the functionality of which I really can't see the point of, for now at least.
Find on page is rather nice, it highlights all matching words, displays a count and allows you to next/previous to each one, altering the highlight on each as it goes.
The functionality I used frequently without noticing until a browse i'm using lacks them, are as follows:
  • Middle mouse button on tab to close it
  • I wish the “undo close tab” was available on the tab context (right-click) menu, sadly it's on the 'speed dial' page, similar to the new IE8 feature.
Well that about wraps up my review for now, I'll keep trying out the browser and see what else is added in the future.
Oh and I nearly forgot to say text-area boxes are expandable!

Statistics & Visits

I like statistics; they can prove every helpful finding bugs and errors, but also give some great information about general usage.So signed up to the Google Webmaster tools a few months back, to see how google views my site and to hopefully catch errors that I may have missed.
This proved very helpful on some items, plus it gives some decent information about searches that included your website and the related position of your site in the results.

I've never been the kind that attempts to gain Search engine positions nor do I care about Search Engine Optimisation when building my site or creating content.

So I was more than bewildered, for lack of a better word, when I accessed my websites search related information on Google for the last 7 days.
It appears that the post I made about a Phishing email I had received, was now appearing second on Google searches for the Halifax URL, the first of course being the official website.

Additional searches engine results have redirected visitors to my website for other items related to that same Phishing post.

I suppose that it's a good thing that people are searching information on suspected Phishing emails and I hope that their profile is raised among those people less knowledgeable about the attempts to gain information from internet users.