H1Z1 another zombie clone

As SoE close the door on some of their titles such as Vanguard and Free Realms their efforts are being refocused on the newer MMO games on the horizon, one of which is H1Z1. I’m a little dissapointed that Free Realms is going, as Little Troll gets older I was hoping to introduce him to that MMO environment, I guess KingsIsle are still leading the charge with the 101 games in that domain.

But back to the Zombie survival horror, I’m unsure why SoE decided to reuse a name from a 2009 Hoax from the height of H1N1 outbreaks but that’s a whole different blog post I guess.

As far as I can see this game is targeting the same market that Dayz and Rust are aiming for but combining it with the new engine that SoE are rolling out across the board. The ironic thing this that Facepunch Studios has recently removed zombies from Rust focusing more on people versus people and/or wildlife and stating that the zombie genre is very much overdone.

image The game is “offering” a post outbreak survival game, SoE have said the world is persistent yet there is permadeath which doesn’t seem to be offering much beyond what the other titles in the space are bringing to the table.

So can the MMO setting make much of a difference?

Multiple servers, map locking or a clever use of phasing, whatever system SoE decide to use to present struggling in a wasteland of a collapsed society, could lack that sense of isolation that they want to generate. I’m keen to see how SoE plan to balance the populations at peak and off-peak, does player created content need to be guarded 24/7? If population is capped could a organised gang flood a server blocking all others from accessing their content?

I suppose we shall learn this and more over the next few months, along with how SoE aim to monetise the game as Smedley hints that they are turning to the players help design the micro-transaction side of things. Of course where to find out all the information not the official site but over at reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/h1z1/.

And there was me thinking they would just be throwing in some player studio crafting and heavy cash shopping to make it feel like other SoE(xploitation) cash cow game.

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