Mid-Blaugust Lull

In the years since I started running my own website the available software has become so much easier to interact with for those wanting to run their own blog. Hosting companies now offer system such as Installatron or Softaculous that allow One-Click setups of popular open source software ranging from blogging software such as WordPress to shopping cart software.

Once got into the inner workings of my static website, I bit the bullet and decided to code the backend of my website in PHP, it was a new language to me and in all honesty soaked up more time that I would like to think about.
However I designed and built a multi-user environment which granted the users of my website the ability to create posts via a WYSIWYG editor and upload images.

wordpressI have to say I was very happy with it considering my programming background was in Mainframe systems and desktop applications.As the web evolved the requirement to maintain such a system became a burden and I eventually moved over to a 3rd party software system. This was basic but handled the functionality I needed, plus had a theming and extension system.

The main problem I had with this software at the time was it was a pain to update and at one point my site was compromised and I ended up having to rebuild from scratch, thankfully my database and posts were intact and I moved them to WordPress.

Skip forward to now and the latest incarnation of the WordPress which is on the verge of releasing Version 4. The software can update without the need to download and install updates.
Wordpress hosted Extensions and Themes can be added on the fly, again without the need for any FTP software.
You can configure the software to automatically update everything without you needing to lift a finger.

There are many enough ways you can modify code and presentation to you’re liking in the time to takes to drink your coffee.


The reason this post came about was my wife wanted a website for her recipes, so it’s easier to share with friends and family, but also quick to pull up on a tablet or phone, for your on the fly shopping lists.

In the space of 12 hours we’d managed to build a website in WordPress that met her requirements, there are quite a few Plugins that offer similar things but in the end it was easy to go with simple posts for each, following a standard template that we hard coded for each post. We picked a suitable theme and added some custom CSS for the finishing touch. If you like you can take a look : http://flyinpinkmunki.co.uk/grubsup/


We have passed the Blaugust halfway mark, well done to all those taking part in the event. I have to say the first 13 days weren’t too bad especially with 3 days of travelling recently, however that said the last 2 felt rather awkward and weren’t very forth-coming. Hopefully now we are on the home stretch the creative ideas will flow freely.

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