Pay peanuts, make Lemonade

I recently thought back to my early years on the internet, with my dial-up modem and charged by the minute tariff. Considering how flaky the system was it was a good day when you managed to connect and weren’t booted within 5 minutes.

As I sit here writing this post with my broadband connection that averages over 15MB Per Second, I can download a game 10 times bigger than the size of my hard drive of 12 years ago, in a ridiculously short amount of time.

Since Broadband arrived I’ve always tried to choose an internet service provider that offered packages that favoured my gaming habits, low latency, lower contention rate, little or no traffic shaping. Not an easy task as many of  the smaller brands either folded or were bought by large companies, which meant customers where transferred over  to new terms and networks.

After experiencing this with my ISP, I decided that I needed to choose an ISP that wasn’t all about bundling my phone-line or offering me 100GB download limit, but I could only really use the service early in the morning due to data throttling. Almost every day I hear of others people’s experiences and problems with their internet package, of course on closure inspection and I’m stunned  by how many opt for the cheapest/Best-deal they could find.

My ISP is Zen, I have to admit they do may charge slightly higher prices that others and they may have traffic caps, but I’m more than happy to have those elements if it means the service I pay for is there when I need it. When I finally begun to experience the full ASDL2, I had a number of issues related to the quality of the phone cable in this area. Zen were very helpful and coordinated with BT to get the problems resolved as quickly as possible.