In an effort you remain active onlne I'd like to update this blog more, yet time is a rare commodity for me.
I'm left wondering if I should focus on micro-blogging during the week and at least get one post out over the weekend.

twitter.pngFor those of you that haven't used/seen anything related to micro-blogging it's effectively a method for postting updates ( limited to 140 characters ), you could liken it to Facebooks status feature.

If I decide to try this out fulltime rather than with infrequent updates I need to decide which of the two services that I've been using gets the full attention.

Twitter Vs Jaiku
I think the big thing to take into consideration is that microblogging so high in demand these services are frequently struck by outages of one kind or another. Infact Twitter got so bad eariler this year it felt like it couldn't recover the popularity afterwards.

jaiku.pngThere are good features on both but as this maybe subtituting for full blogging I feel that Jaiku (now owned by Google) maybe the way to go as I can link in other updates from all the areas of the internet that I'm active in

Once my Twitter feed is linked into Jaiku I think i'll use twiter for updates (far more support around for my phone etc) but link Jaiku as the place to catch up on goings on.

We shall see how it goes.