To simulate a cultist

I like many have been on the KickStarter bandwagon since the dizzying days of 2011, in years passed there has been a random parcel has been delivered each month and I’ve not had the foggiest what was inside until opening, kinda like having 12 birthdays. Over the years I have mostly backed board games, but there have been a few albums, a handful of computer games and not forgetting helping out the fine folks at Massively Overpowered when they needed rehoming.

Last October I backed the game Cultist Simulator by the studio, I had played the prototype of the game earlier in the year so I kind of knew what I was getting into.


I’ll be honest, I generally enjoy all the things that lurch forth from the mind of Alexis Kennedy so I jumped at the chance to see where this new adventure was likely to take us. You may know Alexis from Failbetter Games working on the Fallen London & Sunless Sea, with guest appearances as a writer on Dragon Age: The Last Court and Stellaris : Horizon Signal.
Mr Kennedy is one of the co-founders of WeatherFactor along with the awesome Lottie Beavan, also from Failbetter Games where she was the Producer of Fallen London (web/iOS) and Sunless Skies and it’s expansion.

Given this duos past form, I am very excited to see how the game develops and takes its hideous final form over time. Also the in-game icons are being supplied by Clockwork Cuckoo who did the icons for another favourite game of mine Big Pharma.

In this screenshot, I am about to expire

Cultist Simulator is a narrative focused game that sees you trying to live a “normal” life, dreaming of strange places and having disturbing visions, getting that work/life balance right is important so that you don’t starve to death, weigh up the odds of doing manual labour as an injury could turn out to be fatal.

At first the game seems straight forward but as you get further into the story you discover it’s a complex juggling act, as all your actions take time to complete (less than a minute usually) and sometimes you find yourself egging the timer on so you can try and play a card that is time-sensitive before it evaporates.
Things get more frantic as you unlock more actions that can be performed and each has elements to be discovered, like the correct combination of cards it needs to trigger an event, or a new unlock.

Since backing the game there has been an Alpha release that naturally has more polish than the prototype did, more to interact with, more ways to fail, more things to juggle while consuming the wonderfully dark narrative.

So If you are in the market for a narrative game that’s a break for the norm then give Cultist Simulator a whirl :

Meanwhile … (3 months)

So seeing as I’ve not really been posting properly for a few months I have likely skipped a few bits and bobs, so here a recap of some key things that have happened this year so far:

  • I bought a car, the one I had before was having electrical issues so I bit a huge bullet and bought a 3 year old replacement.
    • I’m also now completed the round trip to Yorkshire to visit the in-laws
  • The company I work for had the remaining 50% bought by the 50% stakeholder
    • There was a large number of “leavers” at work, in the 7 years i’ve worked there many had became good friends
    • I’ve been part of a Windows 2003 server upgrade that nearly killed me due to the amount extra work needed to get it rolled out in time
  • Two of my Kickstarter rewards arrived

Musical Interlude

ResonanceVNV Nation are an alternative-electronic group and they happen to be one of my favourite bands. In the Summer they release the album Resonance: Music For Orchestra Vol. 1.
It has some of their favourite tracks, rewritten for voice and as the title suggests for an orchestra. I had been keen to see this album created after videos of the bands set as part of Gothic meets Klassik in 2012.

The album great as the rewritten songs are recognisable yet hauntingly different thanks to the Babelsberg film orchestra. I’ve embedded a player for both versions of the same song incase you are curious.

Original Album:

Resonance Album version:

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To coin a phrase

In the next 48 hours the Kickstarter by Campaign Coins will complete, I have been super excited about this project since I caught wind of it in June. The stretch goal shave been nice and have included a number of bonus coins, a fate bag and a variety of options of finishings for your coins.

Admittedly I’ve yet to run a full Fate campaign yet but I hadn’t yet decided what to use as fate tokens and these give a nice touch to the whole thing. I have opted to buy 3 sets of coins and quite like the Antique Silver finish, but I’m not sure if I will get that for all 3 sets or keep one in Antique Bronze.

The bonus is that they can also be used to determine Fate too, a set of 12 coins has four blank, four plus and four minus coins, so all you need to do is pluck them from a bag randomly and you have your result. Using coins also alters the probability slightly versus using fudge (fate) dice as outline by Paul Stefko here.

At some point I would also like to get a Deck of Fate, I really like the idea of using different mechanics other than rolling dice for games. It certainly goes a little way towards making things more entertaining, especially having more than one method.

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I dreamed a freem

After only a few days of running the City of Titans KickStarter has reached it’s goal of $320,000. This is great news with a large number of City of Heroes fans giving the  project their support and blessing.

There a few stretch goals that will see the designer ported to Android and App Store, with the last listed goal being a Mac client being available at launch.

The Kickstarter has been updated at a good pace with an interesting mix of posts and articles. As the month progresses we may see some additional goals added, but I would think the Missing Worlds Media team, don’t want to nail too much down at this stage.