New things

Well as I promised myself a new toy after i left work.
Well it arrived today my small yet practical eee pc from ASUS,

I've had a play around with it for the last few hours and here are my thoughts.

Now this isn't going to run call of duty 4 or any heavy software, but then it isn't meant too.

The product box is very small, it was quite exciting to open, there really isn't alot inside, the PC battery and power supply.

Now one element that I have always liked about the EEE is that the power pack is small, there's no large transformer that need to be hauled arund everywhere, infact it reminds me of phone chargers from a few years back.

The keyboard is small but not that back to be honest, takes a little while to adjust to using it but after the first couple of mistakes your find it naturally is easy  to use.

The screen size isn't super-wide or with vista style graphics, but it is big enough to display everything you need to interact with.
The built in wireless was quick to setup although I was slightly confused at first, things could have been a little clearer.

But in all I couldn't be happier with it and having a lightwight laptop to take with me is a better prospect that carting my other laptop about.

Well thats it for now, more to follow soon.