Free-to-play Laser Squad Nemesis?

If you are of a certain age the the name Laser Squad will be familiar to you, either vividly or a vague recollection stored in the back of your mind somewhere.

The history blurb. The name Laser Squad was that of a computer game that was released in the late 80’s developed by a Team lead by Julian Gollop at Target Games, who¬† was part of the Mythos Games team and delivered those Chaos, Rebel Star Raiders and of course the famous X-Com games.

After alot of difficulties around the IP of X-Com, the Gollop brothers decided to create the wonderful Laser Squad Nemesis. You can read more about the History here. I had the opportunity to meet Julian at one of the Player meet-ups and he’s a great laugh and I didn’t once blame him for the hours of my youth I lost playing his games.

The game as been in caretaker mode for some time now as the developers seek other interests and opportunities. The latest announcement on the forums by Julian is a rather sad one but shows that the potential to ensure the games future is still there.

Here is a small video I made a long time ago, but it still shows off the games unique features even if it is turn-based.

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