left4deadSo what did you get up to on St. Valentine’s Day?
Rachy and I spent the best part of the day shooting apart some zombies.

Taking full advantage of Steam’s half price offer on the Horror shooter Left4Dead, we teamed up with Matt and took to playing through some of the Campaigns. A have to admit I was a little dubious about how much I would enjoy this game, hence the long period before purchase but having tried it out I have to admit it does truly rock. Combined with the added fun of teaming with friends made the game instantly fun.

The Co-Op campaigns are well designed with AI dynamically generating spawns and equipment and not in a common way. The AI running the show is named director and it is designed to maximum the fun while not being too overwhelming, it achieves this by monitoring how each player and the team is performing and adjusting the spawn accordingly.

I must have spent half the night trying to stop myself quoting Shaun of the Dead.
“Quarter to twelve”

“You got red on you”
“Kill the Queen!

There is a free DLC pack due out in Spring, branded the Survivor pack it will have 2 campaigns opened to versus mode (pitting your wits against player controlled zombies) and the Survival mode.
I am quite looking forward to the Survival mode with wave upon wave of zombies attacking, how long can you and your team-mates hold out?

A great game and one to pick up if you are into FPS and zombies, feel free to add me on Steam.

To quote the most famous zombie i know (well in my eyes)