Toot Readers & Links

One thing about Mastodon that actually feels like twitter used to back in the day, is logging in and being able to catch up on updates of those you follow in 20 minutes.

I mean it’s likely due to the fact I haven’t followed tonnes of people at this stage, but even without adverts,  there is/was a lot of company spam on Twitter, how many contests did I enter where following was expected?

But I’m not entirely gone from Twitter, there are still a number of folks that are only on that platform that I like to see updates from, secretly hoping the migrate somewhere soon, as I don’t want to cut them out completely.

Sadly there are some that are just leaving Social Media altogether like Jeff Atwood who tweets I enjoy quite a bit.

I have been pondering following Belghast’s example and greyscaling my twitter icon and header and marking my account as private, but after 15 years I’m not quiet at that step just yet, maybe by the time 2023 arrives.

All links on me

In other news I wanted a common site to link all my online presences together, I like Linktree but thought why not just add one to my website, so I built to start things off.

I am hoping to develop this into a more fully formed site in the future, some on a need by need basis, others like light/dark theme modes or opening links in new tabs.