Let me tell you a story

In preparation for the City of Heroes Architect (mission creator), I have been writing down some notes on the story arcs that I plan on creating when the Issue is finally a reality.

While doing this I began thinking about the unsung heroes of our current MMO games, namely the content creators. Designing stories and corresponding missions sounds like a rather simple task, but when you think of the attention to detail that sits beneath the surface, it’s suddenly apparent how much these folks give us overall.

As a great example of this was a recent story arc I completed, it was the very last contact in the Rikti war zone Dark Watcher. Have no fear, I don’t plan on spoiling the story for those that have yet to try it out.
It has a wonderful plot that delivers some rather different and exciting missions for characters to play through, I’d not hesitate to say it’s one of my favourites at this time.

Admittedly it isn’t always possible to read and grasp the overall object of the tasks you are performing. For example while on a task/strike force, there is rarely time for those partaking in the event, to stop, and read the progress at each step and enjoy how the storyline unfolds.
It’s a shame really as I know quite a few people would be interested reading about the mission. Well on their first time at least.

How much attentions do you pay to the ingame stories?
Do you read the text before accepting or just see it as part of the mechanism of your levelling process?