Oh dear, not Winehouse

I was reading that Amy Winehouse is to be immortalised in wax (shudder) at Madame Tussauds this year as according to the manager she is requested by guests. No I haven't visited Tussauds for many years but I seem to remember it being about getting to see life-like figures of famous people some of which you'd not see outside of the television screen. Sadly I already see enough of this celebrity without even trying so to actively request more indicates there are some people that lack a TV and don't read newspapers.

It's a farce when you see these trashy life-style celebrities being thrown back into rehab over and over again. Surely there needs to be a way to extract such people out of the lime-light and the public eye. Perhaps judges can start to dish out sentences like, 5 months media blackout, where no stories of that artist should appear in written or televised media within the UK.

I wonder if that kind of action would have any impact on their lifes-styles? if not then at least I don't have to hear/read or see about it every few weeks.

So I shall be avoiding Madame Tussauds just incase my eyes happen to galance over the life-like medusa-haired features of The Winehouse, frozen for all into see in wax.