Planning ahead

I was responding to a post over at MMO One Night a week recently when I realised that in a handful of years Little Troll is going to be interested in gaming and I will have to ensure that my day time games are more child friendly. I’m not completely sure I could give you a list at this time, time to get out the parental responsibility hat, of which I’m nervous as hell

However I was discussing with my wife the recent announcement by King’s Isle about their new MMO in development. Pirate 101 looks to be using the same model but with a pirate theme, what with it being all the rage at the moment. Of course it comes with the high number of safety features that if you have played Wizard 101 you will be familiar with.

I do hope that games like Wizard & Pirate 101 are still going strong and hopefully joined by a wider collection of titles as our child gets to the age where online gaming is something he wants to participate in.


I just hope they get Brian Blessed to voice one of the pirates Smile

New going-ons

Today was my first day in my new job and after 7 hours of full knowledge absorbing day I have it admit it was bloody great! Nothing quite like getting to know an environment and systems by tackling some changes on your first day.

Additionally there is such a wonderful atmosphere in the whole office, something that sadly dissappeared in my previous role and was sorely missed.

So thanks to everyone that supported my efforts in going for this role, a massive step in the right directon for me.