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virgin worlds
virgin worlds

Well I’m happy to announce that my podcast hunt last night resulted 3 less bored than normal hours of travel today. VirginWorlds current houses a large number of Podcast on all manner of MMOs, it is in fact the host of the limited edition podcast i mentioned yesterday.

Well I grabbed a cast of VirginWorlds MMORPG News the flagship podcast of the network and hosted by Brent who also runs the whole website. What I liked about this cast is it delivers MMO news directly into my ears and giving my current lack of time it’s good to get a review of items I may have missed.

To still keep my finger on the pulse of plugged into the internet via Twitter, if you are active on there then give me a shout and follow me if you like, but don’t expect too much.

All go

To help me while away the hours I spend en transit I’ve finally used the podcast feature on my Nokia N95. I have started with the wonderful Limited Edition via Yellow Spandex, the podcast are ideally suited for my journey duration. Of course I discovered these via Rockjaws blog. The themes as you may have guessed is the world of heroes/villains, well infact its all things comic related.

A great podcast to obtain when you have the time.

I decide to grab Stephen Frys last night, but sadly when I visited the site it was down. As it turns out there was a good reason for this. Stephen Fry Version 2.0!

I must say that the new website is rather awesome, it also linked me to Stephens twitter which is the busiest  account I’ve seen, with pictures and map locations to help you track Mr Fry accross the global.