Trip to 2000

While browsing my feeds on Newsblur I spotted that in celebration of the column Flare Path at Rock, Paper, Shotgun turning 3 years old, they were challenging the readers with some taxing puzzles.

The top price was a £50 voucher to spend in on Just Flight games. The twenty-five runner up prizes of GOG vouchers to redeem against a list of games upto the value of $9.99 caught my interest.


I have to say the puzzles were quite tough and I spent a good few hours trying to figure out a date related puzzle, both FlyinPinkMunki and I were trying to solve it most of the night. I woke in the monring with some ideas to try on the puzzle, it worked for at least one of the puzzle parts.

Finally at 2 yesterday afternoon I solved the required 4 puzzles for a runner up code and after submitting my answers, I picked up a shiny new copy of Planescape: Torment from GoG.
I’ve been meaning to pick it up for ages now and not a new game, once you have a few mods here and there the whole thing is a text heavy delight.

The last time I looked at the game was in 2000, so it’s a guaranteed trip down memory lane.

#Planescape #Blaugust