Task Force Trinity

We’ve been teaming with some of the VirginWorlds podcasters in City Of Heroes over the last couple of weeks. So in order to break from the normal levelling grind, this week we decide to attempt the Positron Task force.

For those readers that are not COH players, a Task force (TF) is like a series of missions that require completing sequentially in order to finish the task force. On completion each member gains a badge and the has the choice of a reward.

The main issue with this TF is that it’s effectively two taskforces combined and thus is rather long and has lots of steps required to complete it. Another factor in the mix is that due to the level range being 10 to 15, the powers available to all the members it still quite low.

In order to aid the team in a fast completion of the taskforce me and Rachy equiped our characters with Recall Friend to help teleport our team around the map, combined with us both playing healers we hoped to get it completed quite fast.

There was alot of nipping to and fro to various contacts and mission, the primary enemies are Clockwork, Circle of Thorns & Vahzilok, all of whom put up a decent fight and we narreoly escaped getting wiped a few times.

Tiny Tammy, Crazy Duchess, Teppalot, Tundra Templar, Wolfshead, Electro Nick, Mornington
Tiny Tammy, Crazy Duchess, Teppalot, Tundra Templar, Wolfshead, Electro Nick, Mornington in action.

Overall we were quite lucky and I think we only team-wiped twice during the 4 hours, which was rather nice as none of the team had done the task force before.

Hopefully if we can remain at similar levels we aim to tackle each of the Hero task forces while still being within the level range, which will allow everyone to still gain XP and levels while on the missions.

Post mortem

I really enjoyed this task force, although the time resctrictions meant we didn’t take in alot of the story line, but it was cool that we completed it in one sitting. Thanks to all that showed up and I hope you enjoyed yourselvesm half as much as we did. I’m looking forward to plotting out the future progression and challenges for the team.