I have the power

I have often alluded to the fact that power choice is my favourite game mechanic, stemming from days in Planetside through to City of Villains. Of course a great system isn’t they only component that draws my attention it must be employed in a way that works well with the game mechanics.

Planetside employed the Cert system that allowed you to drop or acquire new abilities at a regular scheduled pace.
Guild Wars made all the powers available but gave the primary one a buff and limited the tray to 8 powers.
City of Heroes pinned you down to 2 selections at the start (excluding epic archetypes) but allowed complete freedom of how you configured the powers for your own use, down to how they were slotted.

The Secret World takes all of the above a mixes into a newer combination.
Unlock any power you want, slot any power you have bought, choose 7 active and 7 passive abilities whenever you are out of combat.


This allows you to pick and choose powers from other Ability sets that enhance your current build, for example, there is a great power in one of the melee classes that increases your Crit Power by 15%, which when I’m being a healer means the amount of healing when I get a Crit is increased.

This level of flexibility is means that as you progress through the game more options and combinations become available, you can pick-up abilities that complement your existing powers, without being block due to not being a tank or having not selected a certain race.

I am currently focused on pistols and blood magic, but I have allocated points into other areas for powers that I use in solo and group builds.

What powers are you using or heading towards?