Comment Spam redux

Well the steps I introduced to reduce the number of comment spam that was plaguing my website seem to have made an impact.
As I meantioned before I added a new step to avoid known spammers by interacting with Project honey Pot.

In the first few hours after I added the new features it became apparent how much my website was being hit by automated bots. In a quick count the figure was up to 10 IP address attempting over 40 times in one hour.

As another level of protection I've added a new feature to close the comment functionality on older posts.

There was one execption but the reason soon became apparent once I had checked the website logs, the spammer was a Human. The only course of action was to block them outright.

Other than the one comment spam I've been pretty pleased with the whole detection and avoidance system that is now in place. Althought there are a few upgrades that I can make in futures versions.