Beware the DeathAdder

NCSoft Europe has join up with hardware creators Razer to produce a Guild Wars edition of the DeathAdder mouse. The DeathAdder which I have been using for over 6 months now, is a 3G infrared gaming mouse that can manage 1800dpi. This gives you a massive advantage over a standard optical mouse with 800dpi.

In addition to the faster movement speeds the DeathAdder has a response time of 1millisecond ensuring that all your movements and actions are captured compared with a bog standard polling rate of 8ms in other mice.

Combine those 2 impressive traits with On-The-Fly Sensitivity adjustment and the programmable buttons this mouse is a treasure to those who enjoy gaming and a great way to enhance your gameplay.

The only thing is that it's right handed only, a fact missed off the press release issued by NCSoft. The mouse can me bought at the PlayNC store for £47.99 / 69.99 Euros

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Mice and keyboard

Saturday morning when my peaceful slumber was rudely interrupted by the postman (infact it was rach tell me 'someone at door') at 7:45.

It was the arrival of my new keyboard and mine & doks new mice. Here they are.

Razer DeathAdder
This is a gaming mouse, its a mouse that never sleeps, meaning that if you move it, your cursor responses. Addtionally it responds in under 1ms, combine that with the 1800dpi its a

It's a highly ergonomic mouse (for right handed gamers) that welcomes your palm and fingers onto the smooth rubber like top side, the teflon pad/feet make it glide around in your hand.

The mouse also sports 2 side buttons that can be used with your thumb. but unlike other mice in this category they don't get in the way of using the mouse correctly. All 5 buttons can be customised to perform various action including custom macros.

Test run.
After a problem with configuration (90 degree spinning in Planetside) as resolved by installing the lastest beta drivers I was all set to take it for a test spin.

The first thing I noticed was that my movement was increasily fluid, less twitching during ingame activaties. I used the side buttons to switch between profiles I had configured in the control panel. This was great for altering between tasks that needed fine/slow movements and those that needed the higher DPI actions.

Razer Tarantula
This keyboard feels suprisingly wide, even tho it's only an inch bigger than my previous keyboard. The wrist-rest is chunky and adds another inch and a half to the dimensions.

One of the best features of this keyboard I feel is the <1ms response times, it feels very different to play when you have instant response to your keystrokes. You normally compensate for thes responses times in game, so using this keyboard take a little getting used to and altering you playstyle accordingly. Anti-Ghosting features are great when you are playing a game that require multiple be pressed then you normally get limited to 3 buttons before you can't press anything else, the ghosting feature will allow you to get the most out of games. There are 10 macro keys that you can customise, along side those are the profiles. you can have profiles for each game you play, so the macros and other keys can be tailored to meet your gaming needs.