Blown away by Section 8

Section8After a few exciting weeks playing open betas it’s finally time to un-install these Gigabyte hoggers and reclaim some of my hard disc.

First was Champions Online, which is now live and appears to doing a good job so far and I believe I glanced a Tweat about a first free expansion.

The second open beta client to be removed is that of the rather pretty Fallen Earth, I didn’t really get much chance to play about on this as my Graphics card was having issues. I hope to get chance to revisit this game when I have more time on my hands.

The third open beta I have been playing is a FPS game called Section 8, I heard about the game while listening to the Gamers with jobs podcast. I have to admit that I believed I wasn’t going to enjoy this game as it looks like another hopper populated FPS, that was being developed for the console market with a PC port thrown in for good measure.

Boy was I wrong. This open beta with only a fraction of the skills and maps was completely wonderful and didn’t become repetitive for each match. The match were long enough to be fun and allowed you to get into the swing of things, but not drawn-out where you end up praying for the match to finish. The customisable load-outs and suits gave a superior feeling to the standard FPS game we tend to get sucked into these days, combine that with the ability to “Drop” anywhere on the map makes this game ideal for the quick drop in gamer.

The game will also feature a single player campaign with the multi-player remaining the backbone of the product.

During post match chatter I read the following “Win or lose, you feel like you have achieved something in this game, and it’s fun”.

Section 8 is out for the PC and XBox360 on Friday 4th September (I believe), no doubt there will be demos around. So if you are looking for a game to perhaps tide you over until Modern Warfare 2 arrives in November, perhaps you should give Section 8 a whirl.

Battle for Middle Earth 2 / Assassins Creed

Back in the history of the welshtroll website my friends and I would review various media items like books, games, films and music. What with this being a new year I’m going to try and revive the tradition starting with my recent gaming adventures.

battle for middle earth 2I’ve recently played a couple of non-mmo games, so I thought I’d quickly type up quick reviews about them.

The first game is Battle for Middle Earth 2 a Tolkien-based RTS, this standalone follow up in the series was enjoyable but sadly very short lived. The campaign mode gave me enough time to get to grips with the buildings/units and navigation, then much to my disappointment it was all over.

Quite gutted I played a few Skirmishes against the PC, checking out some of the locations from the film, with my battle at Helms deep lasting a good 45 minutes. Although without any kind of progression skirmish mode got old quite fast. I did like the create a Hero element but it seemed some-what out of place in a RTS game.

Conclusion : A well designed game with awesome attention to detail, although quite short lifespan in my opinion (5/10)

assassins creedSecond up on my list has been Assassins Creed. I’d seen quite a bit of the game over the last year so thought I knew what to expect. The controls were designed for the console so maximising the controls for a few keys gave me some concern to begin with, yet the controls still remained suited for the PC title.

A good spread of local-missions kept me on my toes at every turn, a wonderfully thought out storyline with some well scripted cut-scenes ( though I got slightly confused at the 2nd storyline that was running ).

Another feature I liked was the ability to quick travel to an area you had unlocked, this reduced theĀ  15 minutes travel between zones I was expecting. Annoyingly my experience of this game was plagued by blue screen crashes that I have to attribute to this title.

Conclusion : A true gem of game perfection, that truely had me captivated from the start to finish. A good console transition. (9/10)