Got your back

If there is ever a roll in MMOs that I favour the most it is usually the supporting class. Whether a healer, debuffer or buffer, generally I tend to gravitate to one of those roles.This topic came after reading a blog post by Talarian over at Gamer by Design in which the holy trinity is discussed along with how the debuff/buff roles have now been absorbed in the trinity roles.
I enjoy games that allow you to debuff the enemy as it’s usually beneficial no matter the size of group you are in, plus it’s a nice way to contribute to fights without feeling underpowered in terms of DPS.

My forte seems to be in roles that give me a good overview of the battle, scouting out locations of enemies, watching for incoming additional enemies during boss fights, team buff/health monitoring, generally just more awareness of the situation in general.
That’s not to say I can’t find enjoyable game-play without these elements they are by far the ones that I excel at the most.


I fancied changing my avatar that I use around the interwebs, I managed to dig up an old concept icon that I created in 2005, to cater for some of the newer 2.0 websites that have a minimal size of 200px so increase the image to 256px.


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