International Picture Posting Month 2019

I’m taking part in International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo) organised by Chestnut. The event is the picture equivalent of NaNoWriMo, but since a Picture is worth a 1000 words the goal is to post 50 in the month of November.

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I thought I’d kick off with some game screenshots from some of my favourite titles this year, generally I take far more screenshots than is necessary but I always enjoy looking back over them.

First up is “Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey” an indie title that I first seen at EGX Rezzed last year, set in London in the year 1888 the game has a focus around Jack the Ripper, but more interestingly the two Main protagonists Arthurian characters Lancelot du Lac and Morgan le Fay. The game has a wonderful voice cast and tells a great adventure.


AER : Memories of Old –  I had this game for some title gathering dust in my Steam Library, I decided to play it on stream one Sunday morning and found such a wonderful game waiting for me. In a world of floating islands, full of ancient ruins and exploration, you play a shape-shifter sent to the land of the gods on a pilgrimage. The game has very relaxed feel and focuses on discovery and puzzle solving, it also has a great soundtrack.


Draugen – This is the first new title from Red Thread Games after finishing the DreamFall series. This is a first person adventure/exploration title, This one is set in the 1920s, you play an American naturalist who heads to a small Norwegian fishing village to find his sister. This game was everything I hope it would be from the mind of Ragnar Tørnquist



Screenshot Showcase

I enjoy taking screenshots in games normally you have to tweak setting in order to get rid of the GUI, amend the configuration file or use some third party software.
So when a game like Euro Truck Sim 2 has a build in camera mode, it makes me very happy as it allows you to pause the game, alter the camera angle and view.

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Taking screenshots in TESO

Annoyingly The Elder Scrolls Online client defaults all screenshots into BitMap (bmp) file format, which is a paint as this format means every screenshot is around 7MB each and many online upload service require gif, jpg or png formats in order to upload.

Not if you purchased or run the game via Steam you can use the Steam client to capture the screenshot, which are stored in jpg format but are however hidden away in the depths of the Steam folder, which when I’m uploading I always fail to remember where exactly they are due to the way the folders are named with numbers.

Thankfully you can still use the naive ESO client as you can alter the default screenshot format from BMP to JPG, this reduces the size from 7mb each to about 0.5mb each.

How to set the default screenshot type to JPG

In order to do this you need to

  1. log out of game/client/launcher
  2. browse to the My Documents folder on your PC, then to the folder named Elder Scrolls Online
  3. in this folder you will have a folder called Live or LiveEU, you may have both if you play on both MegaServers, open the folder
  4. you are looking for a file called UserSettings.txt which you need to open in a text editor like notepad
  5. find (using ctrl+f) the string ScreenshotFormat, which should look like SET ScreenshotFormat “BMP”
  6. overwrite the characters BMP with JPG and save the file

In-game settings

Once you are saving file in JPG format you can take screenshots in game using the PrtScn button ( which can remap if you like).

In the keymappings (unbound by default) is the option to remove the GUI, for me this is a must if you want less cluttered screenshots, who wants  a screenshot where a quarter of the screen is filled with the trading chat, navigation and skill bars?

To set this keymapping do the following:

  1. Open the options, goto controls and then keybindings
  2. Scroll down until you find the section labelled User Interface
  3. Look for the setting UI On/Off
  4. Bind this to a infrequently used key, I use the “Pause” key on my keyboard. ( sadly the game doesn’t allow keycombos using Alt, Shift or Ctrl for this so it has to be a single key)

I’m a fan of health bars in game showing all the time, however health bars will still show even with the GUI is off, so if you are planning some staged screenshots that you are taking the time to set up,  I would advise setting health bars to off or at least set to injured only.

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TESO : A visual tour

Since I have been away for a week and a little under the weather I haven’t got many posts typed up, so I thought I would share some Screenshots from The Elder Scrolls Online.

There are many to occasions where you spot a great visual as your playing but as I tend to favour removing the UI when possible I miss them on the first pass, but mostly as fighting without the UI is a tad tricky.

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