As I mean to go on

I was catching up on gamer blogs over the last week when I read “No Year’s Resolution” by Bhagpuss, I have to say I got me wondering about how all my good intentions for my blog fizzle away by the summer months, could this year be different?

I have a terrible habit of re-reading and revising my posts for longer than needed, this is partially due to my dyslexia creeping into text I believe to be correctly written. This either results in me getting bored or the post being out of date by the time I’m hitting publish.

Here are my blog and gaming aims for 2014:

Baby New Year

  • Make time to post at least once a week (it doesn’t have to be war and peace)
  • Add more bloggers to my reader and website links
  • Complete any unfinished games on Steam, with a wrap up post maybe?
    • Complete the main Skyrim storyline before April.
  • Tidy alot of the legacy blog posts that have dead links or missing images.
  • Cover some more board game related stuff as I have a new group forming this year.
  • Use daily commuting time to
    • write up some blog posts or ideas.
    • Read other gaming blog posts

I know, not a massive list of goals but I may add to them as the months elapse, should the need arise.

New gallery

Well I've finally got around to adding a new gallery to house my Tattychopping that I have happened to create over the years. I used to have a few static pages that I would display a few of them on but this became difficult to update and to add to items when needed.

What I wanted was something that wasn't overly complex and that I could easily link from when I've create a new masterpiece. After having a look and test of the various options (coppermine/flikkr/Gallery), I choose PHP Photo Album.

This required the least configuration and management on my part and I could just upload new image via FTP when I needed.

So if you get a second surf on over and have a browse.