No substitute for a good skill system

TESO has avoided the traditional/historical MMO pit of 30 powers on your character toolbars, leaving you bewildered if you have been away for more than 3 days.
Infact much of the skill system centres around passive skills that are unlockable against armour, race, weapon or class. This allows you to gain bonus such as benefits from armour sets or increasing your max health.

There are 5 skill slots on the toolbar which initially reminded me of the action bar from the Chronicles of Spellborn, the limited number of slots means you have to plan your load-out for the tasks ahead.
For example those familiar with the Elder Scrolls game will be aware of Soul Gems and how you how the come empty and you have to fill them, well in TESO these are used to resurrect yourself or someone else, everyone has the ability to capture souls but to use the power you have to slot in, this takes up one of your 5 slots.

It’s worth mentioning that there is a 6th slot but it is restricted to Ultimate Abilities, these can be class or race based and build up during combat to then allow a buff to the player character either in the form of summoning pets, increased regen or harder hitting attacks.

Ok so the fact that you aren’t juggling 30 different skills that you have to remember the exact conditions for use is a big bonus, for me the next neat trick is that once you have used an active ability enough it levels up to a point that it can be transformed/morphed in some way.

Morphing an ability
When you Morph an ability it splits into 2 options, each has a new bonus that is highlighted in green when you mouse over.

This process takes the existing functionality and offers 2 advancement options of which you can only pick one, for example

  • Power A may do damage x to an enemy
    • Morph option 1 adds 7 meter to the existing 7 meter range
    • Morph option 2 add a stun to the power

FlyinPinkMunki and I have been playing sorcerers and I have found the way the same ability is altered depending on the type of staff used, for example:

  • Destructive Touch – Deals Magic Damage to target enemy
    • Fire Touch causes knockback
    • Frost Touch causes deep freeze
    • Shock Touch causes disorient

The passives are configured in a similar manner:

  • Tri Focus
    • Frost attack snares enemy 30% for 3.5 seconds
    • Shock attack deals 5% splash damage to 2 nearby foes
    • Fire attack increases critical strike rating with destruction spells against target by 5%

This is a nice touch as it allows the sorcerers to modify their attack strategy dependant on the enemy or the group composition.

I’m now way near maxing out on the skill side of things, however each choice hasn’t left me leaving underpowered or at a disadvantage as I mentioned in my last post.

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