Forged online

In the last week we’ve upgraded our Monitors and Graphics cards and have been enjoying playing games in proper widescreen and without as much glitchiness.
Plus I get to say “My new years resolution is 1920 by 1080” ūüėČ


I’ve been trying to remember to run Forge when I’m playing a game it supports, for those¬†who aren’t familiar (really it’s been around ages) with the website/software, it a¬†simple way to share your gaming. It allows you to stream live and allows you to extract screenshots and up to 30 second clips, all without the annoying set up of OBS or XSplit for video capture, but also it’s a one way channel, people can watch you stream but there is no chat that you have to monitor or feel¬†obliged to use to interact with other people.

I’m still finding that the quality of the recordings is a little lacking and I can’t figure out if it’s just my rig that has issues or just a limitation of the¬†software. ¬†There is a new version coming soon that with have better native recording.

Like not my favourite

5 Days before my 8th Twttr birthday they announced that they were¬†rebranding Favourite to Like, apparently it’s part of “the company’s latest effort to simplify the user experience as it looks to attract new users”, which translates into what?
We want to be like Facebook so people can sign up and find out it’s nothing like Facebook.
At least the introduction of the Twitter Poll avoids the stupid “If you agree like, if you disagree retweet” Facebook style polls.

Maybe the star is confusing or misleading, perhaps some people were making a wish when they clicked it.
Anyway someone should tell Google that Chrome is the odd one out now.

The sad part is that I would often use the favourite feature to mark tweets I wanted to reply or discuss later, often it was to remind me to visit a link that had been posted to a blog or game. Almost in the same vein as bookmarking the Tweet.
That said in the early days I used to go through them on a weekend and clear the favourites off the tweets. Maybe not so easy now as I tend to Favourite more frequently.

Maybe Like doesn’t convey the usage just the fact I’ve seen it or maybe it will evolve to become the same thing as Favourite did.
However the strange thing about Twitter Likes versus Facebook Likes, is that Twitter makes it a big visible part of your profile, “Come and look at all the things this person favourited but now they are listed as likes and have a different meaning”.

Maybe that part of my frustration is that they altered the meaning, now it implies that I like and support everything, rather than just favouriting it for later.
I suppose I can just look back and find interesting items completely out of context like this.

This verge articles closing statement sums it up really :

The newest mode of engagement on Twitter is a bit less versatile, a bit less powerful, a bit more compressed.

4.3 update

I updated to WP 4.3 yesterday and found that one of my plugins ceased working, it also stopped the website from loading, both the blog and admin pages.
So I decided that I would raise a ticket to let the developer know there was an issue with the plugin:

I’m very happy that the problem has been fixed, but can’t say that I was ecstatic with the developers comment, seeing as my feedback was the first one posted after I’d checked to ensure there wasn’t one already raised. (The post ID’s give it away).

Perhaps I’m just in a grumpy mood today, as I often have to deal with many cases of people not reading things correctly, getting the wrong end of the stick or just ignoring the facts in-front of them. Normally these are my customers so it’s hard to rant at their complete lack of understanding or attention to detail, and you just have to point out their mistake.

I felt a little dissuaded from raising feedback in the future.

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Hangout to dry?

I remembered when Google+ was hinted at as one of the best ways to use Google Hangout online. Well now Google have launched a standalone website for Hangouts at

I the guess it’s related to¬†the alphabet shake up, but part of me wonders if it could be a signal toward the end of Google+, as for me Hangout was the only reason I would ever visit the site.

For me the new Hangouts website is far better than having to keep Google+ or Gmail open, my only bugbear at the moment is that the Background rotates randomly, which while mimicking the ChromeCast isn’t really what I want if I’m using the site at¬†work. Please allow me to set a custom background or disable the slideshow.

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So long GChat

I’ve been using Google Talk for years now, primarily because it means I don’t have to have chrome running to use the chat plus the install is very lightweight. Along with with having different styles that allow me to just see the messages and hides all avatars of the chatters.

gchatOf course the best functionality was that I could login with the Google account of my choice not be FORCED to use the first one in my google account list as I seem to be with every non webpage embedded version of Hangout I try.


So earlier today when I received the the following message:

gmail: Google Talk app for Windows will stop working on Feb 16 2015. It is replaced by the new Hangouts Chrome app. Install the Hangouts app from

So mid-Feb will see the product that I use nearly everyday retire and the replacement (Hangouts), suffers from the problem I mentioned above in defaulting to the first Google account on the device, plus the only option the app gives around accounts is to logout.