a little this, turning to that over high ground

Thanks to Doks newly crafted blog http://oneoutnumbered.blogspot.com I now feel the urge to keep up with my writing efforts, well for at least a few weeks into 2010.

2010 the year that I mostly feel a mixture of happiness and exhaustion, I’m still adjusting to mangining my time in a new manner. Gone are those 6 hours gaming stints, I appear to just grab smaller chunks of time here and there as my gameplay charts shows and it’s easy to see what my major time sink has been recently.

I recently spotted that there is a Dawn of War II expansion (addon) called Chaos Rising due out at the beinging of March, which is rather cool as I’ve started replaying the game while reading the novel. The book is very enjoyable if you are a fan of the 40k universe and details alot of the backstory that isn’t in the game.

Well that is enough ramblings for now.

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