Advanced Number Crunching

When your equipment and skills give you various buffs it’s tiresome and often tricky to understand and calculate the total numbers.

I wrote about the City of Heroes combat attribute system quite some time ago over at Limited Edition and thought it about time I tackled the topic again. Of course there is madness to the mountains behind me dragging this up again. The Secret World being that reason.


The first thing you will notice is that secret world has straight-forward system that at first appearance looks a little too basic but on closer examination there is a good amount of information contained therein.

There are three categories in the character statistics area, here is a quick blurb on each:

  • Offensive – This is all about your damage output, chance to hit & crit
  • Defensive – Here are the details about your resiliency to damage
  • Healing – Displays your Healing power and rating, shares stats with offensive

Many of the figures you can see are totals and thus a

Lets take a closer look at Combat Power under the Offensive section

Combat Power is your overall effectiveness at combat,but it is a figure generated from a combination of Weapon Power and your Attack Power.

Weapon Power – This is directly linked to your weapon
Attack Rating – This is based on the Attack Rating attribute of your Talismans

From the point of a healer a number of stats such as Critical Rating is matched between both your Healing and Offensive statistics, which means you don’t have to worry too much about swapping talismans between a solo or team build.

Of course when dealing damage it increases the amount dealt, when healing it spike your healing amounts above and beyond the usual levels, handy if you are trying to keep someone from getting splatted.

Below are the screen captures of my main build as you can see my healing is up as are my Crit stats.