Waves of Co-op Fun

Yesterday FlyinPinkMunki and I joined in with another Bragtoberfest event playing some Team Fortress 2 with Izlain, Doone, Roger and Jeromai.
As shooters go TF2 is such good fun, compared the game to other modern shooters and the classes are much more varied and give you many different roles to play.Perhaps it’s why it’s so easy to drop into a game and get the feel for a class with in the first few minutes.

We played some games in the Mann Versus Machine mode, which was rather fun. It reminded me of Sanctum  in terms of waves of enemies you have to stop reaching an objective.
I’ll be frank it’s rather difficult to defeat the waves of enemies but overall satisfying

It’s certainly something I would try to do again with a group, maybe even random group.

killingfloorKilling Floor

We finished the evening with the Killing Floor, a co-op survival horror that was in the Free to try games on Steam this weekend.

I have to say I’d not read anything about the game and it took a little while to figure out the mechanics and playstyle needed.

The concept works well, even if sometimes the logic made me confused (invisible zombies?!). The foes come in waves and at the end of each you had access to a shop were you could  purchase more ammo, weapons and buy/repair your armour.

The final match we played was 6 waves then a boss, by this time we had some half decent ordnance and the final fight wasn’t was tricky as the first few waves were.

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