The Secret World : Pre-order

So yesterday saw the announcement about The Secret World (TSW) pre-order, on the surface it’s your standard MMO deals filled with common tactics designed to eke a little more cash from players. I have to admit that this is the first time I have seen the option to increase the number of character slots being offered during the pre-order phase.

The Basic game purchase is a usual £39.99 which has the normal 30 days playtime included, this is the option I shall be ordering this when pay-day rolls around. Pre-ordering grants the player the basic level of rewards

  • Access to Beta Weekends
  • Early Access (between 1 & 4 days headstart)
  • Allows one name to be reserved effective now
  • Experience buff ring (early levels)
  • Unique T-shirt
  • Pet that buffs combat (early levels)

Not a back mixture and will hopefully get peopling ordering the game  super early to obtain some rewards.

But there are some other things can be also be purchased for an additional cost:

  • The Initiate Pack (£12.49)
    • Social Flying Pet
    • Higher quality starter weapons
    • Faction leather Jackets
  • The Master Pack (£49.99)
    • 30 days extra game time
    • 1 extra character slot
    • one additional name reservation
    • 10% Lifetime discount on full-price store clothing items
    • 10 Experience Buff potions (limited to account)
    • 7 High end enhancements, to max out your toon early on
  • The Grand Master Flash Pack (£159.99)
    • All of the content of the Master Pack
    • Life-Time Subscription
    • Snake Skin jacket
  • Additional Character Slots (£8.49)
  • Additional Name Reservations (£8.49)

In all honesty I wasn’t expecting to see the Lifetime subscription make an appearance for TSW, after many of the games who have opted such a feature have moved to a F2P/PaYG model.  Despite having looked forward to this game for some time. I have reservations about purchasing a lifetime subscription in the pre-order.

I think the biggest problem for me is that investing that amount of money (almost £200) is hard to justify, when I could pick-up the £40 and between 12 and 13 months for the same price.

I think the biggest sticking point for me is that it requires a lot of blind faith that what you are purchasing will be enjoyable and keep my interest. Plus I’d hate to loose those 60 days free gaming time by getting the lifetime sub. 🙂

I think I shall have to wait and see if the game is my cup of tea, and if I really want and they still offer it purchase it after launch.