Game Roundup 2016 week 11

The Silent Age

TheSilentAge Playability 4 | Graphics 2 | Audio 3 | Longevity 3 | Originality 4Over the weekend I completed the game The Silent Age, I’ll not lie I was a little worried that the game was a very basic Point and Click adventure and on some levels that is exactly what you get.
However you soon brush that aside as the story unfolds and you have to interact with and overcome some challenging environments (don’t worry there are no Longest Journey rubber duck puzzles).
The game is usual £6.99 and in my experience lasted between 5 and 6 hours, which includes some replay time to obtain outstanding achievements. This maybe not as cost effective as some folks would like, personally I picked the title up during the Christmas Sale on Steam so didn’t fork out the whole cost, that said it’s not far off what I would pay for the game, around £5.50.
The graphics were of suitable quality for the genre however the launcher didn’t see to be able to retain my settings so I had to reset them each time. The background music was good and the voiceover the same, there are subtitles by default which I often look for in games what with living in a household with a 6 year old.
Overall : A rather enjoyable title that I would recommend to fans of the genre who want to play something original.


Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

shadowofmordorI’ve returned to Shadow of Mordor recently as I remembered that I hadn’t really got anywhere with the main story line as I often get waylaid by gutting orcs left, right and centre. It’s trying to not let the same thing happen this time but it’s rather difficult going from A to B as I get distracted easi……. ohh look shinies. As a fan of the Assassin Creed games I’m pretty sure I had the same problem, maybe some games are just too open-world for me.

Fingers crossed I can focus on completing the main storyline and put this one to bed.

The Ship

theshipLast Friday I joined the HTMT folks in a game of murder, suspense and sneakiness, but mostly murder in vast amounts with varying objects. If you haven’t encountered The Ship before it’s like a murder mystery, only your in on the action.
In the multiplayer element of the game, once a player is opted in they are given a target to kill, but that also means someone onboard is hunting you as well. The game also employs a needs system that requires your character to perform actions that may leave them open to attack, such as reading, eating or showering.

The game is good fun in a large group but you soon become very paranoid of every other person who is near you. This usually results in you running away or butchering someone innocent with a mannequin’s arm that you picked up from a wardrobe.
Some of the maps seemed to work well, others seemed to be very focused on granting people the opportunity to kill other players. This was fine until my lack of scoring resulting in me being booted from the game and banned for 30 minutes (which was more like 90). There is a local server option can be used, which maybe the way forward next time.