The Witness

As I mentioned in my questionnaire one of the games I am looking forward to is The Witness, which is an exploration puzzle game that I have been watching for a good while now.
The game is being built by a small studio lead by Jonathan Blow, best know for his platformer Braid which had some great mechanics and artwork.

The in game visuals come across as if they have been painted it has a very unique looking art style. On eo the feature that has been enjoyable during the games development has been the blog post covering lots of different programming obstacles that they have had to overcome.


Another person working on the game is Eric A Andersson, who previously worked on a number of game based in the Uru universe (Myst). And keeping that in mind The Witness is set on an uninhabited island, with a collection of puzzle that look set to keep me happy at least, the specifics of the title have been keep rather close to their chests and with over 25 hours of puzzle solving gameplay I can understand why.

Some my favourite and hair-pulling moments came from the Myst games and very few games even try to match the level on involvement needed for a puzzle, so it’s quite fair to say I’m excited about this game.

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